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Hello! Welcome to Autism, Life and Learning!

What is this?

Autism, Life and Learning is a blog and podcast.

It is hosted by me The Autistic Gecko. I have autism, more accuratley Asperger’s Syndrome. Here I try and put a spotlight on autism & mental health and try to show the cracks people tend to ignore.

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Here is a link for my blog. This is where I talk about autism, mental health or me studying.


If you want to know a bit more about me look no further.


If you have an topic you want me to talk about, or just want to talk to me

Always Better Connected

Connecting to people is better than being alone, so here I have tried to make a little community, so you can use the form to sign up and just hear from me, if you want to talk to me or have ideas we have something for that and if you click the facebook logo or the link there is a page where everyone can talk.

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