Is Music together or having a meltdown?

There is something I would consider quite worrying, something that I see that could receive very high praise or sink us all with it. Something that may hurt the entire community. This is not what is happening globally, but a new film. A film that features autism. This is odd, weird even, as it hasContinue reading “Is Music together or having a meltdown?”

My Mental Health Intro Transcript

Sorry I got carried away with making scripts I forgot to publish this one. They are still meant to be weekly- if I rember Intro, So I want to speak about mental health.  Not just from this lockdown but the way things are changing. Here in the UK the amount of people we can seeContinue reading “My Mental Health Intro Transcript”

A Geckos New Road transcript

Hello and welcome to Autism, Life and Learning. I am the Autistic Gecko. I would like to say this is what is going on behind the scenes because well… you may have  noticed that I have been releasing episodes very slowly. If at all.  So I have actually been slightly busy during lockdown, oddly. IContinue reading “A Geckos New Road transcript”

EastEnders Finally got their Diagnosis

So after months of waiting it is finally here. I said I would keep up with this.  In EastEnders Ollie finally had his ASD assessment and well I will say what happened first, then I will give my opinion.  [Orginally posted on 12/11/2019 on my old blog] So it firstly shows Mick asking some questionsContinue reading “EastEnders Finally got their Diagnosis”

Can You Understand If There Is No sound?

I am going to talk about Non-Verbal Autism… So this is an odd area in the spectrum as, this could be actually one of the only ones that has some physical signs. This being the lack of having or using vocal chord(s) or muscles around the voice box. This is a really crude way ofContinue reading “Can You Understand If There Is No sound?”

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