This Has To Be A Joke, Right?

So firstly, I want to ask a question. Is my life a joke? Is it somehow a walking comedy sketch? Okay that was two questions. I’m only asking this as I had to talk to me new job person. I actually tried to find their job role and I can’t find it. Anyway they areContinue reading “This Has To Be A Joke, Right?”

Live BLACKPINK Concert In Your Area

OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s now here, or it was here. BLACKPINK was in your area. BLACKPINK were back for their first concert of the year. Although slightly different. It was completely virtual. So they were on a stage somewhere in South Korea, Seoul I’m guessing?  I am in the UK watching it from my house.Continue reading “Live BLACKPINK Concert In Your Area”

Is University Meant To Be This Bad For Me?

I know, I know I disappeared pretty much for two weeks. I can explain.  I kinda got lost doing my university course work. All because there were some missing details, like the measurement we are counting in. It could of be seconds, elephants or even Dodos. So I have spent a lot of this rackingContinue reading “Is University Meant To Be This Bad For Me?”

Autism FAQs [Transcript]

What is Autism? Autism is a developmental disorder. It is life long and it would have happened before being born, but you can’t just tell you need to be diagnosed, from the age of three to get an idea of where you are on the spectrum. What is the spectrum? The spectrum is split upContinue reading “Autism FAQs [Transcript]”

Light Of the Jedi-Impressions So Far

So I here is my First impressions on Star Wars Light of the Jedi. I am about halfway in and well, it has been fun. I read so much in one day that I may have caused a mini meltdown. The trouble is I can’t pick it up for a while now. As I amContinue reading “Light Of the Jedi-Impressions So Far”

[Star Wars Intro] What Star Wars means to me

So What does Star Wars mean to me… yeah. For that I may have to go back to the start. So a long time ago in this galaxy somewhere around Terra (Earth)… I was born during the time of episode 1 The phantom menace so naturally I was brought up on Episode 4,5 and 6Continue reading “[Star Wars Intro] What Star Wars means to me”

The Push Owards

So well, 2020 was how do I put it wonky. I am trying to push forward and start afresh. So with that, I first want to talk about a Christmas miracle, that happened. As people may know, I have a, monkey on my pop filter called Marvin, well he now grown a body and hair,Continue reading “The Push Owards”

The Year Summed Up

If you want to listen to this vist my podcast here: So I know I haven’t really done much and it is already is December… where did March go- oh yeah that.  I have still been active, but mainly on my blog. Remember I’m always on my blog if nothing else. In this timeContinue reading “The Year Summed Up”

Why Should I Believe This…?

So we have all seen these comments. A comment where someone is in defence of someone or something. Now it is the turn of autism to be in the firing range. For what? A 1 minute trailer everyone in the autism community is going berserk over this why? Because it doesn’t show autism correctly? BecauseContinue reading “Why Should I Believe This…?”

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