Im Nayeon: Good but Safe Album Review

So today I received my Im Nayeon album, this was on 4th July 2022, just in case I have a complete twit and forgot about it until the time to post it.  This is my overall views on the album from parcel to speakers.  So the parcel was packed well luckily as the box itself … Continue reading Im Nayeon: Good but Safe Album Review

The Secrets Are Out

So there is a reason I have been so quiet over the last two-ish years about university and how school life is or is not agreeing with me. That is for the past 4 years I have been bullied and attacked by the staff. It is not just the tutors doing this. It is also … Continue reading The Secrets Are Out

A Blur Of A Break

So wow! It's now May and I haven’t done any posts. I was hoping to sort out Christmas (I know that swear word for at least the first six months), and the lunar new year then starts from there new year, new posts etc…. Yeah…. No, that didn’t work. So what happened is a mixture … Continue reading A Blur Of A Break

I’m Still Standing

So yes I am back with some new changes. My tic list is going to get bigger, it will just take a while as most are not family friendly and I don’t quite know how to make things toggle. Anyway University is going okay, there is more there, but nothing is going to be unpacked … Continue reading I’m Still Standing

Back Behind A Keyboard

Hi, Hello I’m finally back after way way too long. I did plan a break, but before I could say I was going I had  lots of different builders and other people doing different bits. Which I have no control over- sadly. Then I did a national race which there was a chance I might … Continue reading Back Behind A Keyboard

What Is Advocacy and What It Takes

So this will be talking about what advocating and what advocacy is. It seems like it’s something big. It doesn’t have to be. Advocacy means to have public support of a particular cause or policy. A definition of a advocate is a person who supports another person’s cause or policy in public or they are … Continue reading What Is Advocacy and What It Takes

A Digital Universe

So what do I talk about, this year of university has ended. I can’t really say much as well I haven’t really done much, I filled in my TMAs, Tutor Marked Assessments, been pretty much told not to be autistic without them really saying it; but you know it’s there. So that kinda a bust. … Continue reading A Digital Universe

I’m Back With A Shiny New Series

Hello everyone, It has been a while since I last did anything posting and it has been even further since I did something more aligned with a bigger convocation. Well I am now finished my second year. So shall we start again? To all the new people who have been liking, sharing and following just … Continue reading I’m Back With A Shiny New Series

Small Random Things

So things haven’t quite gone to plan. So I have tried to talk weekly about different things but, for some reason or another I keep fudging that up. So I am going to do a load of catch up bits and then I have something exciting coming up.  So let’s go over some small things … Continue reading Small Random Things