Teaching to Strike for Those in Need

So sorry for not posting more often. So far I have done two assignments, celebrated five birthdays, new year, lunar new year, christmas and now sorting out a job interview…. Yeah, definitely scary.  So what am I going to rattle on about? Well It goes against something that I feel is a right to do. … Continue reading Teaching to Strike for Those in Need


Sign for Change Again?

So I think people will agree that Christmas shopping is getting earlier and earlier. I was having a look at things branded as autism for present ideas as things to add to the advent calendar, as we are trying something that isn’t chocolate- I wonder how that’s going to go. Anyway, I am making this … Continue reading Sign for Change Again?

Girls + Autism =?

So I am the least qualified to talk about girls and autism. Mainly because I am male. You see girls and autism are different from the males on the spectrum. Yes there is a reason i have said girls not women, before someone says something. I am a stereotypical person on the spectrum. I am … Continue reading Girls + Autism =?

Understanding the Silence

So this feels weird a Gecko talking about this subject… what is this subject you ask? Well interestingly enough it is something close to me that is non-verbal autism. This is one where it is contested, but why this is my argument that non-verbal auties lives matters. So why is this so hotly contested? This … Continue reading Understanding the Silence

AGecko Tweeting the News

So Hello I am the Autistic Gecko, or AGecko, this is a short post today that I am starting my own twitter page, now I really should have done this at the same time as my blog, but I feel my writing has gotten better. Although this is also to push at places and people … Continue reading AGecko Tweeting the News

Relogging on

So how have I gone from changing things over and doing changes over this blog with reviews and some comments about the open university. So that is a long story…  First I want people to understand that this blog is run and maintained by just me, I don’t care about ratings, algorithms or people assuming … Continue reading Relogging on

Im Nayeon: Good but Safe Album Review

So today I received my Im Nayeon album, this was on 4th July 2022, just in case I have a complete twit and forgot about it until the time to post it.  This is my overall views on the album from parcel to speakers.  So the parcel was packed well luckily as the box itself … Continue reading Im Nayeon: Good but Safe Album Review

The Secrets Are Out

So there is a reason I have been so quiet over the last two-ish years about university and how school life is or is not agreeing with me. That is for the past 4 years I have been bullied and attacked by the staff. It is not just the tutors doing this. It is also … Continue reading The Secrets Are Out

A Blur Of A Break

So wow! It's now May and I haven’t done any posts. I was hoping to sort out Christmas (I know that swear word for at least the first six months), and the lunar new year then starts from there new year, new posts etc…. Yeah…. No, that didn’t work. So what happened is a mixture … Continue reading A Blur Of A Break