Small Random Things

So things haven’t quite gone to plan. So I have tried to talk weekly about different things but, for some reason or another I keep fudging that up. So I am going to do a load of catch up bits and then I have something exciting coming up.  So let’s go over some small things then I will do some bigger posts about other things.


So things have been slow. I have finally got back on universal credit. Which is good, I just wish that the person I have understood autism at all. I mean at all. They work in a job where anyone could come through the door and it falls to me to explain where I am on the spectrum, what the spectrum is and 101 of what is autism. This shouldn’t happen, but welcome to the world of autism.  We have some issues around Open University, but I will get to them shortly in another post.  I have just notice as people are starting to get back together, at least here in the UK, people tend to just be either really offensive to anyone on the spectrum or just just ignore you. I knew this happened before the pandemic, but are you really saying that kindness only matters if you are then, I’m afraid to say your wrong.


So recently the gyms have opened up, so I can start training again. I have been for the past two, three weeks and I have to say at least where I am there is no way they are going to have an outbreak. No one is barely in them. I would guess half the machines or equipment is being used. I know there are lots of gyms, but if there is going to be another outbreak it won’t be from gyms. It will be from places like overcrowded stores or shops or buildings that aren’t being cleaned well enough.  


Now last one of these little collection of thought. So first of all quick question; when did The National Autistic Society become so self obsessed with itself that someone who is independent, like myself, can’t give feedback or can’t criticise them unless I am part of them? So I need to join a group to be autistic, a critic and pain in someone’s neck. I have High-functioning autism so I must be autistic, a natural pain in someone’s necks and just bluntly outspoken so I guess you need to join a group to be them. They just want everyone to be brainwashed with the same mentality. They say they want to get rid of the labelling system and calling people like me Asperger’s, search the site it is still all there. Places like Autistica, they actively help and try to raise awareness about autism. Name something that The National Autistic Society has done recently, I don’t mean work with Eastenders or fundraising. I mean gone in to a school and told children what Autism is, Explain to the police what the difference between someone who’s autistic and someone who’s on drugs. Explain to someone how the autism card is meant to keep us safe from being attacked.


So these are some of these little collection of thoughts I’ve had over the gap. So next is multiple posts over the coming days. Please stick around, if you have enjoyed this weird format please like, share and follow me for more random posts until I have somehow figured everything out.

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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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