Toxic Idolisation

There is something concerning when people you look up to get ill or sick. It is especially bad when they can’t be there because of those reasons. We are all now being told to not be in front of screens or cameras as much as these are bringing on more mental health issues. So why are Idols any different? I trying to ask this in a considerate way. As I’m a BLINK lets start there, we have photoshoots, magazine covers, Music teasers, Music videos, lifestyle/ ‘Real life’ videos (BlackPink house or more recently 24/365), VLive (a livestreaming app), plus the usual media like fans taking photos, the press, and live events. Then we have the weird like the stalkers and the idiots hurling abuse at the Idols. All of these usually involve either a screen or a camera, normally both. Then you have the ‘fans’ that are toxic towards their band or idols, because they are looking through all the lens that people have put around them.  

The best ones to prove that at the moment was TWICE, I know I am talking about a different band that isn’t BlackPink. [Shock] Anyway sarcasm aside, you had an Idol who has only who came back to TWICE on 31st Jan, after a 3 month break. That a 3 month break from everything above you have just read. I don’t think most people could even handle this for a month so to have years of this is saying something. In BLINK news we had an Idol outed for dating someone, which really. Then You have ITZY, poor Innocent ITZY, having to go through this plus school when they first debuted, I think Yuna is still is. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Imagine the pressures of that going to school knowing that your name could be recognised worldwide. The issues that must cause. Then we have Aespa, the newest group on here, they haven’t really been at this long enough to have any real issues as they debuted in November last year. The trouble is I think it could be worse for them. They are doing everything I have mentioned plus more, the trouble with having a worldwide following is that at least one fan is awake wherever they are, or not. So it my be 3am KST but somewhere else its 1pm. To counter this the Idols or their companies are stepping up things so that no fan is left behind.

This kinda helps my point, slightly. I don’t know who discission it was, but I think I do. ITZY decided to learn English to help talk to their global fans. I don’t have to worry too much BlackPink could already speak English… other then Jisoo, but she is getting there. Anyway running of topic. The turned into English lessons, which got video, that turned into a Song which then had to promote, which turn into a livestream event. Then that turn into an album then more promoting. A couple months down the line I got turned into a Live fan event, which I’m guessing got promoted, to another song. All of this involved cameras and screens. If we were resolute fans, surely we would be making sure that they were safe and  whatever they did it isn’t going to be causing health issues.

To help with perspective these idols aren’t like what we have here in the West we have pop artists, they post on social media, they release a song if they want/ contracted to, then they have fans saying if they love or hate it. Normally these people are around 24 to say 28, when they start, I know some are younger and some are old, it is just a rough guess.

These Idols could be training with a studio like YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment or SM for up to 10 years! Most will not make it to debut, so that ten years has been wasted, the best they may be is a backup dancer if they are lucky. When they are selected to debut everything changes, they are now shown how to do VLive chats, they do dozens of media events to announce to the world that they are here. There image is on there first song, so in BlackPink case it was Boombayah, hence BlackPink in your area, because they debuted as a K-Pop band that was meant reach place no K-pop group ever really did. ITZY, they debuted as characteristics; empowerment & being you. With albums like IT’Z Different. You can see where JYPE edged their bets. Then from there you have the barrage of cameras and screens from fans to people who completely hate the band, because some people can’t control their jealously. Then Idols host certain event like awards shows, they are in TV shows, like Jisoo finally is getting an acting part in a K-Drama. Then you have them talking and reacting to the fans. I would love to see Western artist put with the same amount of work, there may be a few but all Idols do this, some even move country to become an Idol.

The amount of things in front of them and then some fans or just people complain when the band is missing a member, or that something should have been release, but hasn’t. Fans of the Idols sometimes get so invested in the band that they forget that the band is meant to have a life away from everything. I’m saying this as BLINK so please don’t shoot me; I really don’t want to see more thing like BlackPink House and some of what was in BlackPink Diaries, sorry I don’t know what the other band do, when we saw them living together, eating where there was either a camera already there or a camera following them around. I’m not saying to change the culture around Idols overnight or much at all, but just remember that Idols, although us K-Pop fans may argue who is the best dancers, singers, and rappers. That these Idols are still people they are meant to have a life they are prone to having weird human blips of ill health or mental health issues, for it only to get worse because us as fans are fussing over it because we think X or Y. At the end of it all, we have seen where this could go, just a few months we were reminded of this. There have been a spate of Idols or ex-idols committing suicide or at least trying to. As fans surely we don’t want this so, if they are on VLive, ask how they are you never know what could come of it. If there are lots of people trolling them report them. At least show that some fans care about the people we idolise health and wellbeing.

I know it feels like a heavy post, so there will be lighter ones to come.

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