Now A New Issue Has Been Found

So finally it was here then it was gone in the most instantaneous way possible. Music… was here then promptly gone. Yes I know I am late in reporting it, but also not. It nice to let thing mature at time and boy this one was fun. So if you want scores, the rotten tomatoes score are this. The critic score 11% and the audience score is 22%. The one of the critics reviews was this remark ‘Offensive in its depiction of autism — and painfully misguided in essentially every respect — Music is a vanity project that begs to be turned down’. Soo… yeah… I think the hope went long ago especially when more and more things came out. So I can’t be that bad? Most autism films depict autism poorly, well Rainman score was this Critically 89% and audience scores of 90%. Apparently this is a poor movie about autism; so what does this say about Music? Did it help that part of the autism community called for a boycott of the movie, no although most people I’m guessing would not have heard that. Does it help that big charities and their bandwagons followed with pitchforks and torches before we knew the whole picture; definitely not. The one thing that could have helped weirdly was kindness, the thing that autism community actually asks for and can’t actually do. I just don’t mean the #ActuallyAutistic people, or those who want us to just be the same as everyone else overnight. I also mean the big charities, like The National Autistic Society.

Why am I calling them out? Well music as I may have reported when I first knew about it. Even then it had been in planning for three years. That is three years that we could as a community said be a part of us, learn how we see things. Instead we criticise when no knows what it is like unless you are autistic- actually scratch that. As it goes we are divided down to everything from the amount of help we receive in school to the treatment we get in a cell. Some back our main charities, whilst others don’t not because they don’t want to; but instead they don’t because they don’t speak for them.

So was music a failure because it was a bad movie and more a of a vanity project? Yes it kinda was. Could of the autism community help three years ago with this vanity project? Yes, instead we are doing everything to attack now when we can’t do anything.  Normally actors will research whatever they are covering, but I’m guessing for this the community shut down and didn’t allow them in.  I do think the team around music mostly likely did a lot of research via Wikipedia or autism speaks, but remember it is still down to the larger community to point people to the right information, not the slanderous things that can be put on a page that anyone can put on their. There are lots of proud Auties, Aspies and [insert label here]. So what happened to all of their voices?

So let’s take Music as a lesson. From the idea to the creation this is where everyone needs to learn how autistic people don’t just fall through the cracks, they are misrepresented, unheard, ignored and mocked for who they are. That is just the day to day things, we are subject to abuse, attacks and stereotyping beyond most other types of communities. This why the UK started putting things in 10 years ago. The other powerhouses such as the USA, EU and China don’t have anything like this. Although it isn’t enough, it is better then everything else in Europe, even in the world. It has its short falls, but it allows some protection. Although another short fall may have presented itself through music, that being the idea of profiting of autism or even things such as films being made to use someone from that community to allow it into this country.  This may sound petty, but is it really?

The idea of someone autistic being portrayed by someone autistic. Sounds right surely. Although I know there are more issues to content with. The idea of communicating, lighting and even making the actor/actress understand what they are acting out. Alas that not how the world thinks, as the movie that was about autism, but didn’t have an autistic actor was nominated for a golden globe. Just how? This is how the world sees different things such as autism. Through other neurotypicals. Is this safe? Not really? Is this healthy? Definitely. Is this what autistic campaigns have been against since Rainman? Excatamondo.

I am different to most people on the spectrum for a number of reasons one being that I am passionate about helping others, even if that means putting me in harms way. I understand different cultures and beliefs; I even somewhat can understand the difference between people on the spectrum and neurotypicals and adjust accordingly. The issues are that neurotypical people never adjust for us, we have to ask, sue, or fight to be heard or that we exist. This is what fuel a lot of divide between neurotypical and the autism community. The idea that autism needs a movie about a non-verbal autistic played by a child star who is known not to be in any form of autism circle. Then to add insult to this no music from it links to how anyone with autism perceive any issue around us. Its very neurotypical. Its link our Prime minister asking if he can speak for the opposition so he can give his own views on how he is doing. Its not hard to ask, we don’t bite… much; well not now we don’t. Also we are not mind readers, this was happening for years and no one noticed.

It shows were our society is it understands the basics of health and physical needs but as soon as someone questions why the way they people are panic and single us out. In a time were differences and diversity are being celebrated why isn’t it happing with us? Is it because we are too different or too alike? Whichever it is it needs to be clarified because if more things like this movie happens then we as a community need to be consulted as we are just left to free fall through societal cracks which have been left open globally.

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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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