A Month Long Catch-up (HI!)

Hello Again,

Yes it has been awhile. A long while. Things have been piling up from University to some of my volunteering work to just life in general, so I haven’t made a lot of time for this. It doesn’t help when I go to write a script and I have gone into a meltdown. Which is not the best way to start anything.

So let’s catch everyone up. Its been a little over a month. So I found out a week ago that some nitpin stopped so of my benefits, because I missed appointment because I was having a meltdown and phasing and they don’t think about phoning twice? There is a reason why people such as myself find people hard it isn’t the infinite possible that comes from not having a system, but it is also comes from people who don’t understand that when we say phone twice, or there was a reason things have been left that they are left until a face to face meeting, which I’m guessing at least in the UK would mean June, July at the earliest? Is it that hard to wait until then?- Anyway rant over, I will be talking about this later.

I have a few posts which I meant to put up but just haven’t. So they will be edited with the appropriate time marks. Yes one is about Music and No not of them are going talking about the royal interview; I maybe British the issue I have this is a space for people who have disabilities, Neurodiverse or whatever you class yourself as. As this doesn’t put any issues on that I am going straight past it.

I have watched WandaVision, expect a few Marvel things to come from this.

Star Wars, I fell a bit behind on after all I am reading books, plus  university work and everything. So When I can catch up me and Marvin will be back on those.

So I got my first vaccine about a week ago now; The Oxford/AstraZeneca one, not the Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson. . As I am seen to have a underlaying health condition or as everyone calls it- Autism. So if people want me to talk about that please say. That will be by demand only.

I have trying to plan for things after the pandemic, which like I have already said is going to be around the June/July timeframe even then everyone isn’t too sure so I’m hoping to do some Comic-Con things in September fingers crossed.

So the next one is K-pop yes… again mixed things here. So as a fellow Blink I will talk about the album and then again, whenever it actually arrives as the physical album was an ordeal to get in the UK. But that will be another thing. Also I actually want to talk about some other bands, TWICE and ITZY- BOTH JYPE companies and Aespa, Which is SM, so that will be interesting…

Then finally we have some things that I didn’t think I would actually have to say. So, Anti-Vaccers please stop pedalling on the Autism boat- if you keep pushing on it I am just going to assume that you are jealous that we have some remarkable skills. Also I don’t like it but the issues around how the public sees autism at the moment is appealing, its always been bad, but its now got worse. So I think I am luck because, I have people who help we shout. The issue is what happens to those who can’t even do that. So over the last month or so. I have been talked down to, been told to stop thinking in a certain way, been borderline verbally abused on the phone and had people hint at me to stop ‘putting it on’. This has been people in the wild, everyone here has been nice; quiet, but nice. Almost all of these have been people within a level of power. This is now getting ridiculous we are meant to be setting examples of how go we can be in health care, social care but we can’t be if people in power keep attacking people on the spectrum. So please, if someone says they have autism give them space to talk and make them feel safe because that’s when you get their best work.

I hopefully have some podcast things coming out shortly, so please don’t abandon all hope just yet. I was going to make one earlier this month until or my driver went kaput and took a week to fix, so scripts are being written and things are happening, just not at the speed I was hoping for.

Anyway I am going to close off by saying thank you to everyone that has been following since my month long break. Thank you to everyone that has kept sharing some of my posts *Cough* Autism Candles *Cough* and thank you to everyone that has been liking my posts, I know it seems small but everyone of these likes puts a smile on my face, but also it does let me know what style people like more. I am not really going to change much, but if people like my spoofs of things then I may do more. If you like the things I do with K-Pop then I will do more.

One that please like, follow, and share with people if you do like the content. Thank you in advance I will hopefully be back soon and won’t be missing for another month. AG:)

Published by The Autistic Gecko

I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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