This Has To Be A Joke, Right?

So firstly, I want to ask a question. Is my life a joke? Is it somehow a walking comedy sketch? Okay that was two questions. I’m only asking this as I had to talk to me new job person. I actually tried to find their job role and I can’t find it. Anyway they are meant to help me look for a job… there are some issues with this.

  1. I am locked out of my account since March last year, I have told said people for that year that my account is locked, but still nada.
  2. Here in the UK we still have something called lockdown and a pandemic. I know it is going down but pushing people into work when I can barley leave the house for face a fine… or a virus. I think I am going to stick to self-preservation.
  3. I am autistic, with several other health disorders, businesses don’t want me. I scare them they have adapt to the times and actually be progressive. To them that means more money than I am worth
  4. I am still doing my degree; I am a year away from completing it… and this leads into many jobs. As umm… Psychology is needed for lots of things like healthcare, advertising, human resources and for some reason management people also want it. There is more of an incentive to staying put then be surrounded by people then leave them as things get settled.
  5. As I am autistic, there are some barriers people still don’t understand, like for example no really like humans, emotions, touching, eye contact and the fact that I may talk a little different… okay very different then most people.

So most of these issues are fine. They can be taught, given laws/ incentives and they could just fix my account.

Nope. When I told my new work coach…thingy that I was autistic. I got the oddest response ever. ‘Have you got a doctor’s note that can prove it?’ I mean what? When did you need a doctor’s note to prove your autistic? I mean I get the assessment, but that really!? So for those who may not have this, or it could just be a very English way around. To prove that you have multiple issues you need a GP, General Practitioner/family Doctor, to say that you have these issues. It could literally say:

“Dear X

A Gecko has ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, what had contributed to other issues.

Signed A Doctor”

I negated the time part on here, but that’s most of it in one. How does that prove I am autistic?

Why was I laughing so much, instead of being angry?

Well it may have something to do with they knew nothing about me. They knew my name, roughly how old I am, and I think that was it.  So the idea that if I don’t whose phoning I may not pick up the phone unless you phone twice in a row. The idea that I maybe autistic, but have a working knowledge of Law, high level physics and Psychology; and we were still on the same talking point. Why don’t you do office work, use could do data software coding. Why does this keep happening?

As soon as I mention me being autistic and that I’m job searching data software comes up. Actually for all of the times it has been mentioned to me I could of wrote a code that actually says, ‘please stop asking me to code’. They think they are helping as its away from people; actually you are alienating people even more.  If I twitch in a shop, security gets called. If I twitch in a place of work, I can teach people that its normal for me. That then helps more people become more understanding of ASD. So again WHY SOFTWARE CODING!?

Anyway where was I oh yep- mocking the afflicted. The job centre is okay, if you have a physical appearance of an issue, like an addiction, or wheelchair bound or even if you have a meltdown. I know they are better then 99% of places as they understand you can’t call security when you are having a meltdown. They just taser you. If you have something like Down’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, or something like Bipolar. Then you have an issue. As they work pretty much of a script. So when you ask them a question they sound like Siri having a nervous breakdown. I asked if I could get my account sorted I got told to phone someone else who job it was. For context, this is the person I am meant to come to if I have any issues, apparently unless it is tech based… . So… Why are they still around then. I understand they have their jobs after the pandemic but when everything is digital at the moment they have little to no use. My Google home, which is not plugged in has more use then they do, that’s because I can talk to it and it sounds like a human. I talk to them and a get a bad impersonation of someone who is autistic. I wonder if that how’s Siri feels when listening to Alexa, sorry when I have mentioned to main AI’s then I kinda have to mention that one.

So the main issue is always going to be that the idea of a sick note is bad. The idea of using this to explain autism, is just terrible. It’s like the Templar Knights in full battle armour stampeding through a zen garden. Like its meant to be nether the twain shall meet; yet.. they have and it’s just awful,  the add salt into the wounds you can’t add you assessment documents because they don’t understand what they can learn from that what they don’t from the doctors note. I mean really. Unless the poor doctor has stayed up to write about 10 -12 pages just on the autism part, not to mention any other issues they may have.  Then they have to add the recommendation… this system don’t work. If someone is faking back injuries fine I get it, but no one is faking autism. We get shunned, attacked and we even hurt ourselves- mostly unintentionally, but that still hurts.

I have not seen someone do the night time, daytime if they weren’t me. Just so everyone understands, I will leave a link here for it.

Saying that a lot from this program became my tics, saying that so do part of UP. If I just says squirrel and I will leave a link for that as well…

All I can say is why would anyone fake these, when I’m confused,  I keep say ditto. As in the Pokémon. – its not the best, but it somehow does its purpose. So why do people think they are going to fake autism? Just so them the frog book we have from getting assessed that will prove if they are or not. A doctor’s note means nothing more then you have seen a doctor and they have written you a note and now you have a piece of paper and about £25 to £50 out of pocket.  This is because we have to pay to get a doctor note.

Anyway I think I have rambled for way too long.

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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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