Live BLACKPINK Concert In Your Area

OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s now here, or it was here. BLACKPINK was in your area. BLACKPINK were back for their first concert of the year. Although slightly different. It was completely virtual. So they were on a stage somewhere in South Korea, Seoul I’m guessing?  I am in the UK watching it from my house. So it was on at 2pm KST, Korean Standard Time. So that make it 5 in the morning here in the UK. Everything kicked off an hour before. So let’s change that to 4 in the morning. So this Gecko should be tired after not really having any sleep. I meant to be… I should be but I’m not I am so hyped about this. This was my first concert and mainly down to companies not understanding how a over sensory stage works it will most likely be my only one. I mean at points there was a lot of lights flashing and it was very OTT for my senses, for about 5 minutes from an hour and half performance. For me it was quite literary magical. We got to see some more Solos from not just Jennie, but everyone; Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé. I mean I can not put it in words enough. You have made a me lose my mind, over and over and over and over again. With each solo it wasn’t a song more a spectacle. From the song writing, to the outfits, to just… everything. I was surprised by Jisoo’s Solo. That was… I don’t know the best word- Bittersweet? I think. Jennies new rap, I mean it just fits her so well; almost as much as Chanel does. Rosé’s song… all I can say is wow; Sucker-punch. So I have limited emotions and even I am getting drawn in by just the emotional weight of it. It’s a perfect type song for Rosé. The video was brilliant; the added extra was just an extra cherry in a very rich song. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa I now must bow before you; that song was not only perfect for her; it is her. Its retro, but not. Its in your face and not. I want to ask if the band wrote these songs themselves, I know Jennie, wrote, or co-wrote Solo. Yeah, these were all fun and nearly landed me in a hyper-sensory shock-It’s a form of panic attack when they get too excited. Again, each one nearly did this.

So yes, this has been brilliant. They sung all the usuals, then they went back to the start; their first concert. See BLACKPINK and BLINKS can’t really be separated. BLINKS love the band and vice versa. This time with live music with accompanying them all the way through, now that; that was fantastic. I was stunned, as it just made it that more real. The only shame was that it was virtual, and I was missing the Bi-Ping-Bong, that one is on me though. I can’t get over the energy everyone had with no audience. I could feel it through the TV. It would be nice to see them Post pandemic in the UK.

See my issue is this… I can remember it all. There are restreaming this for two weeks (The next two Sundays). So I don’t want to spoil to much. So I will just leave it on these closing remarks.

The live band is brilliant they make the music come to life. The dancer’s, Crazy, I think they were called please someone correct me if it is wrong. I thought were going to be used sparingly or all the time. They weren’t when they came on you then remembered how big the stage was. Oh yes the stage, just a question where did the water and fire come from?  It was fantastic, every song everything changed. I knew they had to be quick changes, but these were quick.  I meant everything was breath taking. Now the actual band BLACKPINK, well… I am slightly biased; they were brilliant as always. The costumes were fantastic, although I want to know who design them… . As they were finishing off, I thought Rosé was going to cry… it wasn’t. You could see how much this pandemic has made everyone’s life hard, enough said I think.

So BLACKPINK were in your area in ‘THE SHOW’ they were everything and more. I know there is at least one music video to come (I am hoping it is coming out around Hanbok time). When it drops I will be ready. I don’t think I could have really wanted more; I know it was my first concert. In itself it was just magical. It could be a good year for BLACKPINK.

Thank you for reading this cryptic blog, without me trying to spoil what people could still see.

Please everyone stay safe, like if you enjoyed this, share if you want others to read this and comment if want to say anything.


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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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