[Star Wars Intro] What Star Wars means to me

So What does Star Wars mean to me… yeah. For that I may have to go back to the start.

So a long time ago in this galaxy somewhere around Terra (Earth)… I was born during the time of episode 1 The phantom menace so naturally I was brought up on Episode 4,5 and 6 first. I do know them, but I do understand that people don’t normally care about which out just the number.

So I never knew who Anakin was until the episode 6 really, or how the jedi really were. Again.  We still really don’t. So when I had watched episode 6 then I got to watch the prequals which at this point were on episode 2, so I was around 4. I still have my favourite character and movie. Which I had from there. So, then I go to watch episode 3 at the premiere night in the UK and… I fell asleep.

If anyone is wondering I got to around Utapau, so the end of the first act. I completely missed the mustafar fight. Oh well.  Then as I am now old enough.

I got premiere night tickets for all the sequels and one offs, other then rouge One. Mainly as we thought that was going to be the only anthology film. But at least I saw Solo… which was fun… .   

I should really say who got me into all of this, it was my brother, well he got me into the films from there let’s say a gremlin was unleashed. So I use to read what is now legends, but we called back then as the expanded universe. I funnily enough read and studied everything after episode 6 so things like Mara jade, Luke getting married, Anakin solo, Darth Talon. Etc. You get the point. Before anyone asks I was also one of the fans that cries every time one of the original members dies because of how much they meant. Now like most fans I had to convert to get new Star Wars. So I begrudgingly got the Aftermath series, with I found to be an exciting ride. Now the High Republic, I am series hoping we can stay her for a while, or just let me stay in this area. Either way I am chaining myself to this region as it is all so very new. So at the moment I don’t have a bad feeling about this.

So to me Star Wars is light and Dark. It is a balance and fight for not what is right but how to win that fight. One person can’t bring a whole nation down, but they can spark hope for the nation to topple around them. I have given a lot of time like most fans to something I truly what to be a part of, for me that means being part a community that what different and new things.

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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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