Light Of the Jedi-Impressions So Far

So I here is my First impressions on Star Wars Light of the Jedi. I am about halfway in and well, it has been fun. I read so much in one day that I may have caused a mini meltdown. The trouble is I can’t pick it up for a while now. As I am busy doing other things, but I gonna try. Honestly, I would be happy if I was stranded with just this book on a desert island. It has such compelling characters, both good and bad. The new villains are called the Nihil. These people are scary. I am only halfway, but even I can tell that something in the next big book is coming and it’s a whole lot bigger than this. Obviously the heroes are the Jedi, but they are so… different. My favourite has been Loden Great storm and his padawan. They seem more like brothers or at least related in some way, which they aren’t one is a Twi’lek and the other is a human. Avar Kriss is also growing on me as well.

Anyway what is this about? Well with out spoiling to much of this. The jedi at this point are at peace, yes peace, no Sith, no empire, just boarder disputes. The republic is trying to expand into the outer rim, so they did try and care. The what is called ‘The Great Disaster’ happens, caused by the Nihil. The jedi are called to help but they find out more things have happened then they have realised.

Just imagine the prequels, but now imagine them in a society that worked and that jedi aren’t hiding but helping. It almost feels like a paradise.

Anyway here is Marvin with my book.

I will be doing a full review when I have finished, same with the comic series, as it had to review just one issue of a series.

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