All Of This Has To Stop Now!

So, the first week in I thought I would be shouting about how charities could do more in lockdown, as it is the third go around, well that got smashed as I woke up to a world about to go into flames. You have the USA having a coup in which four people have died. You have us in the UK demining people with hidden disabilities a blue badge because they can’t see the understand them or see what makes them disabled. Well its usually people like them, who think they have to see something for it to beloved.  On this topic. It has been a week. One week. One seven day period of this new year; and guess what?

We already have our first death of the year for someone autistic. A 13 year old boy, whose name I am not putting to this because I believe that putting their name to this won’t affect anything other than to be trivia knowledge to people who keep counting these horrific attacks on the autism community. This time it wasn’t the police, so that’s something. This was three teenagers. Say this it has taken a few days for it to be reported and for the police to go through all the evidence. It actually took place on the 3rd, which doesn’t make this any better. So it took three days, for a live to be taken.  As I was saying the people behind this are teenagers, as reported by BBC News they are 13 and 14 year old boys and a 13 year old girl. Aren’t we taught to respect our peers? Like some of this community I am questioning is even the Lockdown safe? I just don’t know what to say other then, if the parents are reading this. I am sorry for your lost. Unfortunely this lost that falls on the autism community as well. As such a young life so never be taken away.  I will leave any link I refence for you to see for yourselves, these will open new tabs.

So what I going to say after this bittering news. Well it doesn’t really feel the same in context, but people with hidden disabilities are not being recognised as having any disability when it comes to having a blue badge. So as everyone doesn’t live in England and may or may not have a similar system allow me to explain what a blue badge is for. The blue badge is there for people who are considered disabled either physically, intellectually or mentally. This got changed a few years ago to include the last two a bit better, apparently no one told those who were Examining these people for it. Anyway the blue badge is there for allowing betting access so they can park on double yellows, within reason, they can also park in certain disabled parking bays. Amongst other things. The trouble is that people like me are likely to get one in some places 25% of the time rather then the 75% of the time that people in a wheelchair or have other physical disabilities are likely to receive one. If you need help with the maths that is 50% more likely, just umm how? So I’m going not to be the shouty Gecko, but just how does that disparity work in a technically first world such as the UK. I mean people like me we are meant to carry a autism card, an ICE (In Case of Emergency) tag or bracelet, some paperwork so professionals know how to talk to us and we have less of a chance then people who have just brough themselves and a walking stick or a wheelchair. How does that pass as fair?

Also NAS, The National Autistic Society, we have a lot to desire from your comment as well. As they when on BBC News and commented ‘the results showed how important it was for councils to improve training to ensure staff understood when people should be entitled to a “lifeline” blue badge’. All of this is something people have been saying for over a decade. They should have had the training when the changes took place 2-3 years ago. If the local councils can’t understand what autism is and how dumb things like this affect not only us but our families and friends to then they should be changed for people who have the training. Just to point out the Blue badge is a nice thing to have but saying it is a lifeline is stretching things. To say that it is something we need for complete impartial fairness sounds better. The blue badge doesn’t stop security picking on you because your acting suspiciously, when in all fairness you are just ticking. A Lifeline is something more on the lines of autism being taught and tested for in each county and that it brough to the same attention as things like religion or maths. As this is someone’s life, not a game of balance budgets. Why do you think some of us hide our autism, its not because we have a blue badge; its because we will get attacked, beaten and abused in whatever fashion the person what us to be because we have little to no say in what happens for us- you do. I know I when a little overboard but needs must.

There is one final thing I wanted to say, but I will be doing that on the next blog, because the situation on this is so much worse than anticipated. YAY! Unforeseen situations don’t you just love them. So I will be riffing of that next post. So please everyone if you can get more people noticing things like this. Like, follow, share, comment anything just to get more people so see this.

Please stay safe and I will be back with my next post.


For the death of a 13 year old autistic

For the issues around the Blue Badge

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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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