The Push Owards

So well, 2020 was how do I put it wonky. I am trying to push forward and start afresh. So with that, I first want to talk about a Christmas miracle, that happened. As people may know, I have a, monkey on my pop filter called Marvin, well he now grown a body and hair, don’t worry it is not a real monkey it is a toy, but now Marvin is going to be the thing showing off most things at least.

So with that being said. I should say what I am doing now that January is now here and well the first thing comes out on the 5th which leaves me in a tight space in between recording, editing and sorting things out x2. So I will be being talking about Star Wars. It has been a big part of my life, so I am happy to now talk it on here. So expect on intro in that soon. I may be talking about The Lord of the Rings as well, depending on things I can find again expect something this. Lastly I will be talking about Marvel again another tight spot WandVision comes out on 15th so issues there, so again expect an intro hopefully before WandaVision.

So if you may have figured I am a complete nerd. Fear not I am not like any nerd

I am a nerd who has the name Gecko and has a toy Monkey to help me show things off. So naturally I am the better one to start things. (This is meant to be sarcasm, for people who don’t quite understand my bad jokes). I will be expressing myself more and more. I am going to start doing more with the area of life and learning, I was hoping going to do a few Comic-Cons, but 2020 stopped that. When I can, I will be talking about university things, but also the issues around how university isn’t made for autistic people. Because I don’t change I will still be shouting at the National Autistic Society, that is in the works.

I will also be talking about different life topics and how things like autism changes things from rights to waking down a busy street.

I really do want to do some short reads as well, that will be a separate area in this blog. Also this Gecko likes to do random things so, you may see me joking about my tics to me writing poems. Again I said I liked random things. They will all be in my separate tab at the top. As they will still be about autism, life or learning. They just don’t fit in my main bits; my podcast will get the same treatment just that it won’t be as random. It will have the short posts/ stories on there, as it have to record it all and edit, and that in itself is tedious. So with everything being said.

I am going to do a follow up at some point and release somethings I can’t talk about at the moment but are coming soon.

I wish everyone a happy new year and wish it to be safe as well.


Published by The Autistic Gecko

I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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