The Year Summed Up

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So I know I haven’t really done much and it is already is December… where did March go- oh yeah that. 

I have still been active, but mainly on my blog. Remember I’m always on my blog if nothing else.

In this time of lockdown I have extended from Autism to Autism, Mental health and some other random things.

I know it is hard to mention something with just a audio clip of me talking. It’s not like I can point things at my microphone and you to see it. So again that’s what my blog is for. 

About all of this. What happens if my blog doesn’t do a lot of the donkey work, but does the same as something else. Now I’m not going to say what just yet, some of this is still being planned.  

But this is my plan for January. Hopefully from next year. Wow it has gone quick.  I will be covering fan group topics so some big things plus some of their updates. Sorry for the time being K-pop is staying on my blog. That one will be one of the only ones. I also maybe talking more about independence from an autistics perspective. As I was saying things are a changing. 

Anyway I am going to go over what I have talked about this year both on my blog and on here for this year. This very confusing year. 

So in July I started my blog back up again. I also sorted out my podcast set so I should like an actual human, along with it came a new friend. Marvin; my pop filter monkey.

I have moved into mental health by talking about anxiety and how mental health affects people. I started talking about the very controversial Music, before it really came to fruition . I have also explained why I call my self Gecko and why I have named the podcast Autism, Life and learning. I have tried to get people to unite under the lockdown, as well as being nice to people who are neurodiverse  or have hidden disabilities.

I have tried to get people to listen to the right podcasts about autism as there are a few that make it seem that autism is bad or that we are all the same when we really are as diverse and most people. I have talked about the hashtag that autistic personalities are using and questioned was it necessary. 

I had a mental health break and came back to blogging after a couple weeks and I gave a brief summary of what had happened whilst I was gone. I also talked about how autism and mental health go hand in hand and how mental health affects my autistic traits. 

I talked about my university course which I have slowly been talking about. Mainly because everything has been slowed down and not face to face lessons mean very little support or help for anyone with additional needs.

I have also talked how I am building things up for next year, hopefully I can do things as planned. So I have just been part of the background.

I covered the trailer for Music. Boy, my reaction was way way way different from everyone else.  Later on I have also tried to defend my views over music as well. I also talked about how autistic people have many different layers and I talked about one of my favourite bands BLACKPINK.  

Oh I forgot, I have launched a Facebook page which was interesting, now it’s time for the other social media’s… maybe.

If you think I have NAS  fear not, I haven’t I just cover them so much that well they aren’t so much of a some I cover in the year but more of a yearly pain. So this year all I have done with them is shout at them.

So over this year I have almost created a human, because well that we are. It may be a strange time, a strange year even but that doesn’t change that we want to be listened to, let’s see what next year holds in store

Published by The Autistic Gecko

I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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