Why Should I Believe This…?

So we have all seen these comments.

A comment where someone is in defence of someone or something. Now it is the turn of autism to be in the firing range. For what? A 1 minute trailer everyone in the autism community is going berserk over this why? Because it doesn’t show autism correctly? Because there is a neurotypical playing an autistic person? Because the trailer was too short for people with autism and fitted a lot in there which was hard to see? Or was it because the creator, Sia, has tried to claim the Twitter high ground?

Well all of these. What is the plot about, a non-verbal autistic girl who loves the things she was named after, Music. She is looked after her only person that can count as a blood relative, her sister, Zu. Most people will be learning through Zu’s eyes about autism, if you have never seen Rainman. Seeing as Sia has millions of die hard fans I would class this as a way of educating the masses. Sia says she spoke to Autism Speaks, which hasn’t got the best reputation around the welfare of autistics. Saying this at least they try and help people with autism, it may not be the best way to go around it but sometimes it is the thought what counts. In Autism Speaks case it will need more than that.

Anyway I’m not actually talking about Sia, this time anyway… .  I am actually going to be talking about I am Greta, yes Greta Thunberg has her own film, documentary style. Oh no what’s wrong now Gecko I hear people crying out… Oh wait this is fine. We can see Greta have an overload and we shove a camera in her face, we can see her, I think tic and again camera right in the face, really has no one heard of social distancing. It was nice to see how she corrects someone about the language, but it seems that people are getting their hopes up about what this means for autism. In reality this will be nothing. Why will it be nothing because Greta at the moment doesn’t care that she has a platform. A platform from where millions of people around the globe would listen and change laws. A platform that could change the world. Why would she miss that opportunity because at the moment the only thing she cares about is climate change. Anyway I know I am late to this trailer, well on this one I was actually on time, I just didn’t want to give it time. Why? Because it is on Hulu, which as I understand is only in the US and Canada and I am in the UK. So I would have to pay for movie price for something I am to see which I can easily see for free on the news. For that I mean a brief hint of autism and the rest its climate change. The film focuses around that so… why would it focus on autism, If it does what would it mean for us. Anyone remotely like her is an ignorant person who is only hyper-focused on one thing- their thing. If anything at least we can see that the autistic community is going to come together-oh wait. We are all different so why is this overly better than Music? All because it features a Real autistic? Slight issue when one is a documentary and the other is fiction, hmm.

So why is the fiction wrong? Because everyone has had a meeting everyone says it is wrong? So verbal autistics are talking for non-verbal autistics. See in issue here?

Something on the lines of we keep complaining that people talk for us or it is not the role of people who aren’t part of that area/label to speak about something that is not about their label. So low functioning don’t speak about Asperger’s and vice versa. So what happened here then?

What happened was that someone spoke up and then so did others. I have a question for everyone who has openly condemned this film (Music). Did you consult a non-verbal person before speaking out? If not aren’t you as guilty for the same things you’re speaking out against and for the charities do you know the weight you carry? If so, then well done you have won the award for getting the wooden spoon. Literally thousands will follow what you say, not to say that divides you have now caused. It is bad enough has been divided over the things such as labels, which most charities don’t think exist; Until suddenly they do when something happens which they now need to be in control of.

So I will ask why should I believe this, any of this? Especially when in the real world, I neurotypical world, Music has more publicity and support then I am Greta. Especially with everyone complaining about it. I think this is called free publicity? So if you are angry then email Sia, not use Twitter. If you want to boycott then announce it as a group, not as a single person. We have to learn from history. These tactics and ideas don’t work. So all the loud peoples hopes are now in someone who doesn’t want to help the autistic community and is actively showing their side which could land us in a Rainman situation again. When everyone has fought so hard to Break us out of that now you want to see us back in that because you hope? No, you are dreaming especially when none of the Community can agree on anything.

So I know this comes over slightly passive aggressive, but when people from our community are threatening that looks bad on all of us. Non-verbal to low functioning to Asperger’s the idea of when you have met one autistic person you have met one autistic person should be the motto of every charity and now we can’t even agree on what looks autistic; I thought we moved past that from the 60s or is it now a regression phase? So this is a big issue what has cause many divides, please can we go back to calling a spade a spade and actually come up with a better way around for everyone.

If you did like this weird post then please link, share or comment just to get more word out that there are people who are autistic and don’t want to be labelled by others let alone by our community.

Published by The Autistic Gecko

I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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