More Than 1 Dimensional…

So if you have read at least two bit I have done, you may think I keep whining and moaning about how people could better respect people with autism, or mental health. Well that is slightly true, but I thought I would give a more human side of me. I know apparently I have one.

So I have a confession to tell you… I am a Blink.

But what is a Blink crying everyone? A blink is the fans of a K-Pop group called BlackPink. They are four members of the band: Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé.

For me I have brought up around some oriental ideals. Which all have their pros and cons but doesn’t everything.

So again, I’m late to the party. One because what about to show is around two months old. Secondly because I was hoping for what about to show you to arrive by Friday, but it didn’t. It was delivered on Saturday; so I have to delay something around it. I had my own little overload.

Anyway, I am trying to stall, but why should I you are reading this, you’re not in the room with me.

So here is what I was trying to talk about. Around October time BlackPink released their debut album simply titled ‘The Album’. Like most of the fans, I pre ordered my CD, but I couldn’t quite get any of the deluxe set up they had. That was until HMV had them back in stock. So after a week of waiting it is finally here. I don’t get everything that was part of the official pre-order, but I didn’t care too much it is more or less the same and we still have the music.

So here is the album.

Its so shiny!! There is a lot to unpack as well. YAY!

I’m just going to say sorry for the poor photos, I have made my room to have as little light as possible- its not the best for photos.

So you are greeted by this photo album, I think they are slightly different for each box version, they are four. I should say some parts in this will be unique to my box alone. Before I forget you maybe able to see that the front album art is holographic. Which is so cool!

Then we have some photo card tiles? I think I have. I was orginally ment by Jisoo, but I changed it to Rosé.

As there are four members there are four cards. Jisoo is on the right of Rosé and under her is Lisa, so lastly the one in the bottom right is Jennie.

I didn’t photograph it but their names are on the back of their photos.

What was next oh yes the ramdom pictures/picture cards.

It was all put inside this silver folder thing. I was somehow blessed with the joy of doubles. I had to Jisoo and two Rosé. Plus the whole group. The black card behind the group photos will be back later, there was just so much stuff inside one box.

Next we have a small poster folded away, which unveiled shows the whole group.

I mean they look stunning, but I still think they could of gave us the Lovesick Girls photos, but anyway that isn’t here or there they look clean and professional, what more can I say. I am contemplating if I should frame it and put it somewhere, but where?

Oh yes! That black card I was talking about is now back, with siny and very relflective friend. Thats my excuse for why some of the photos were bad and I’m sticking to it.

The card is just all the credits for the album. Which I think is cool when you think normally it just gets put on somewhere last minute. They have their own booklet type thing in this.

Then that reflective friend is just another laminated photo of the group.

But this time, if their outfits could kill people, then I’m guessig a few would be dead. Don’t worry, I’m safe, I’m a Blink 😉.

Now of course it the part everyone is waiting for the CD and here it is. If anyone doesn’t understand what a CD is, then sorry prepare to be disapointed it’s not quite vinyl, but what is?

It is one chunky box. I was only aware of a cd and a photo album. The rest is a shock to me. Now I could be very sad and manage to sneak all the songs from teh album into the blog post, but I had thought against it. For one reason alone. All I can think is all this is ‘Pretty Savage’.

So why am I showing you this and why am talking about BlackPink now?

So firstly I just felt like this was a good time to talk about them and you will be hearing more about them in the future. I am showing you this, because… well BlackPink music has been there pretty much when I needed it. Thats sounds bad. Let me try and explain. I was introduced to them after listening to Psy, from hits you might know such as Gangnam style, I was at a low point and the first song I heard was Stay, as a new release so that dates me. That is still a special song to me and it kinda help come to terms with some things. I then lost the songs, because I purely forgot the bands name and I wipe all my history so I couldn’t find them. Then somehow they hit the UK top 100 charts like a sledgehammer with three songs. ‘Kill this love’, ‘Du-du-du’, and ‘Solo’, done by Jennie alone. Then ‘How you like that’ and ‘Sour Candy’ with Lady GaGa kicked in a little later. Each song they have released has come at a good time to listen to it. If that makes any sense. When I had planned my blog and podcast to work in tantam to help teach other people about autism, How you like that was released. When I lacked a little christmas sprit thinking everthing wasn’t right, they released Rosé singing Nat king coles The christmas song. Everytime something significant happens around the same time they release something, yes I know they do trailers and promos for their next song, but only for there big ones and also you never know when something significant is going to happen.

I know it can be seen as projecting. I understand that, the issue is when see this as the only thing that attaches you to a band. To me artists like Sigrid and Blackpink are some of the only ways I have of projecting how I feel, as my understanding of emotions is limited. So if I feel happy because of something I can you Boombayah by Blackpink or Sucker punch/ Don’t kill my vibe by Sigrid. If I feel sad then depenting on what caused it I have a pleather of choices may it be Lovesick Girls to Kill this love or things like Raw or Dynimite. I have had to find ways round and to do that I have used these fantastic artist to do so. If I really am down then I will play blues, if people are wondering. 🙂

So I can actually see this taking a while to read so I am going to stop there. This is only one way I am changing to becoming more open with somethings. Next things you will see in January, I hope…

Hope everyone enjoys reading this as much I was unveiling the box a bit at a time.

And will leave you to think out of the four which is my favourite.


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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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