Please Don’t Destroy Hope

So its out, well not out out, but its nearly out. We have a time frame ish and now a trailer. So… anyone who is new may be lost. So here is some context. I have been anxiously waiting for more news about music. No, not the thing you would play, but the movie about an autistic girl.

So I will be talking about the trailer and I may go on to spoilers so please be warned.

Oh my God! That is the first theatrical trailer about someone autistic since Rainman. My god how have things changed since. Has anyone seen it? It gave a good look at what is coming and what to expect. I am going to say the elephant in the room here, but Music is non-verbal- YES! Finally some more representation for more people like her. So if people don’t know because why would you.

I was non-verbal, but I had a lot of speech and language therapy to be helped to speak, Music is different as more then not it looks like she was born without a muscle that helps her speak. So Music is given a voice box, that’s my name for it; it does have a medical name although at the moment I neither care for the name or want to know. As I have my own name for it. I still can’t really say where music is on the spectrum, but I am thinking they have done someone at the lower end. To me this is fine. It’s a stereotype to see people like me being smart and hyper vocal in tv and movies. Most of this was set off by Rainman.

So lets breakdown some of the trailer and see if we can work out how they are going to portray music. I don’t care for looking more into the plot as I think it is looking more similar to Rainman then something original.

So lets being.

We see Kate Hudson’s character, Zu, reading a letter saying that Music only has Zu left. Leslie Odom Jr.’s character, Ebo, then I’m guessing that we are seeing Ebo giving a starter with Music about her voice box. Then Ebo mentioned that Music sees the world differently which is amazing! We see Music, Ebo and Zu have a pool party. Then we just see multiple different dance numbers. We then see Music making a face from her breakfast, which feels pretty real. Then we get a date for when it is coming out. February 2021. The trailer was only a minute but set up some promising things.

I think Ebo is there for Music, not Zu. I want to see music be self-Sufficient but being realistic I don’t think could happen. I also get the idea that Music is a natural joker, which sounds about right. As we know Sia gave out a darker song from this movie, I think Zu might see the darker side of what Music is always joking about. That at least sounds plausible. My issue is that the lead, is led by two different Characters. I am hoping this isn’t going to be a push-pull issue where one is trying to help and the other is also but from where they feel comfortable. I’m only saying this as some people go to theatres to escape and that feels to real in a lot of social care around autism.

Overall though, I am so happy that it hasn’t been cancelled, or released but only in the USA. I can not wait for this to arrive. Now all we must do is survive long enough to watch this film. Don’t worry about Christmas, thanksgiving or any other holiday, Music will so much more important. 😉

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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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