Being Part of the Background

So this will be the first script that will be going on my blog and my podcast. I haven’t forgot anyone. I have just got caught out between university, life and everything thing else. When it comes to recording, I had to slowly put everything back together. As I have been using my microphones to do video calls. They were at one point quite everything on one day or at random, but they have now calmed down and me and Marvin are back. Yay! I will be redoing some of my older episodes because my sound quality has gone up.

From this though I will be using NAS, The National Autism Society, sources which means I am going to be annoyed. I will be venting on my blog and once I have several scripts ready I will be back on to the podcast. I was hoping to get my sound booth sorted but things have taken aback so it won’t be happening this year by the looks of it. It should be early next year. Welcome to life, it complex and a massive pain. As I am going to be annoyed I want to just point out that although I may not support NAS, but I do want to help them and be a charity for everyone. I don’t agree with much of the politics even more now in the current climate. So stick around for that. I am going to make it in to it’s own little series, which is going to be comedy based as that how I handle anger, or NAS- it’s just one and the same. I will be doing about university still. I have something about that one coming.

So it may seem like I am just rambling, believe me I’m not. Well much. This called autism, life and learning and well slight issues of parts of my autism have been how do I say it, a bit unruly. So I have been ticking more often. If I complain don’t worry it’s just an odd point between now and Christmas with I tic a lot, I am finding ways around, not the answer here is not boxing gloves. I would most definitely knock myself out.

Also I will be finding some time shortly and I am going to play around with my intro. I will say before that happens. I want to talk about other topics, but I am umming and ahhing about it. So come January time I may be talking Star Wars and other areas or geekdom, but I don’t know what. If anyone has ideas comment them down below.

So before I ramble myself to sleep. I will say goodbye and don’t forget to share this blog on other people.

Published by The Autistic Gecko

I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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