Only Now This Is Wrong!?

So again we are at this crossroad. This is taken from the BBC news website, which I will link below. The CQC, the Care Quality Commission, has found out more about the culture in care homes. This is someone some of us have been saying for decades now, although this is all of the back of the expose from the BBC panorama at Whorlton Hall back in 2019. They finally figured about for at least 13 years that people who have learning disabilities they have been inhumanely treated, attacked, restrained, secluded and segregated.  

People who have dealt with things have been waiting for this for so long, now this is just care homes. There is still the idea of looking at mainstream schools and how they treat people with learning disabilities.

The CQC found out that people could be segregated from 3 days to 13 years! That there is so little care in the community that it prevented 60% of people from being discharged.

So What Will This Change?

Short term wise? Not much.

But this more about the long term.

The CQC has asked for hospital wards to have staff to have specialised training and support. The uses of seclusion and restraint should only be use in extreme cases, although this was already meant to be the case. You have to think will things like this keep happening even with this idea that it was meant to be used in the most extreme cases. The professionals who managed to this until last year kept doing this. So how are they going to stop restraints being common use.

I know it sounds stupid, but the report also points out that people who have learning disabilities may have had their human rights be breached. Which is an interesting thing to say when more and more parents and adults with autism or any other learning difficulties are saying the we are not treated like humans, more like a stigma with skin.

A chief executive of Mencap, a learning disability charity, said that the find the findings were shocking but sadly not surprising.

Which eludes to more cases where people who have learning disabilities to have been treated in similar ways if not- far worse. Which is hard to imagine.

So Why Now?

Is this because the public is now catching up with us in how this is treatment for us. It could be that it is okay to do this behind close doors, but not when the general public or the whole world is watching. If so why is the idea of the police attacking may it be physical, or verbal get pushed aside? The idea that we can’t even try to be a part of society, as we just get picked on by our peers or the remits are so high very few can even reach and when we do we cause more harm to ourselves then what anyone would normally do.

Here is the link what do you think of all of this?

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