University in now back in session

So on the 10th I had my first lesson for my last module of my second, back at the open university. Yay!

So the way they are teaching is what I would call the drowning affect. This is where they give you lots of work to do then you gradually, slowly finish each piece and you become slowly less drown more floating on top, hoping that a tempest doesn’t capsize you.

It’s going to be interesting my assignment I start with is 41, then 15 and then for some reason 1. I’m not going to argue, but doesn’t 1 come first doesn’t it?

I think this is going to be fun, there is even a discussion piece about autism, which when I get to that point I will put on here as well.

I’m a little anxious but it’s going to be interesting, the downside is I’m going to have to talk people. I mean that’s just wrong, talking to people- don’t worry it’s all virtual but still 🤢.

I know I’m going to be busy, but I am hopefully going to keep a normal rate of posting on here, maybe not so much in the podcasting area.

Just a update as well I have my Facebook page up and running. So all my posts will be there as well.

I have found there are some issues with this like if anyone messages me it won’t tell me unless I’m looking on the page, so sorry I message people a little bit late.

Anyway back to uni work… I have hopefully should have a good tutor so far I have very little contact with them, so it should be interesting. All I know is their name and they are a professor. All my lessons are virtual,  it there is no video link so it’s all audio which can be a pain especially with an hour and half of listening with no real visual content. So it is a change from in person and being able to discuss things with to looking at a screen, but what is new in this changing world.

So let’s see what happens! It couldn’t be all bad, surely?

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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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