#ActuallyAutistic? [Transcript]

So this is something that I didn’t think was even a thing until I was noticed by a blogger called actually autistic blogs, then I did some research and found a whole world I didn’t even know existed.

By the way a quick shout out to Actually Autistic blogs and thank you for adding me to that brilliant list with amazing bloggers who talk about autism. I will link them below if anyone wants to have a read. One of my favourites is Autistic Zebra, just another quick shout out before is get serious, well joke around with this.

This actually is a thing, if you go on to any social media, normally twitter though, and Look under #Actually Autistic Then you will see lots of different comments and views. Some will not be on this podcast.  I’m a just joking here but are people actually concerned of what we think or is it that people are trying to fake having autism, because if so this is… hilarious.

Before I get started to much and I get an angry message through my inbox then well, let me give you a history lesson. In 2011 a autistic community made the hashtag because the #autism got too overpopulated by parents and friends. So this hashtag was made on tumblr, remember that? Eventually it moved to all social medias. It is meant to stand for people who are actually autistic and want their voices heard.

Let’s get this straight.  There are two points of view I am concerning here. They are faking it to seem a certain way or people using this as a form of fake news. Which I don’t quite understand. As you can’t quite tell if they are autistic or not. And what fake news or as I call it misinformation people can create as I have seen the idea of vaccines, diets, blood transfusions and pepper pig causes autism. So the idea of spreading these are getting more ridiculous and funnier. I know they are dangerous and damaging but some of these you can definitely tell are fake. The other idea is that people are stamping out people who speak for them like adults or politicians. If so there is an issue here. As I don’t know if it’s important but well… politicians make our laws about autism, I know they don’t completely look after us but without them we have very little protection, think about it as a tortoise without a shell. If some politicians or adults don’t speak out for us how do people with no voice speak. Just because you can speak out with a hash tag, these people fight for us to learn , to have a voice and to have a life.

But here some arguments around the #ActuallyAutistic.

There are multiple arguments here. I am going to pick two because I can turn these into jokes, and I looking at this as more of a comedic thing. 

  1. Is that people don’t understand the theory(ies) autism has around it. So if you don’t know either, that’s okay, I’m not judging anyone they are long and boring and well I’m use to that by now. So one theory goes that Everyone is autistic, but it is just where you sit on the spectrum is the different thing. The other is that people have multiple ways of processing when something goes wrong with these, it goes to a more ‘primitive’ function which is very similar to autistic processing.
  • If people are listing themselves as actually autistic, its cast a shadow on the whole why we judge the spectrum, plus people think there is a look to autism, even if by typing something out.

So I’m going to tackle the second on first, because that is the one still in your head. I think the idea of actually autistic is sound, just not thought out, because any one can type in actually autistic. For a number of reasons, if you are doing this to judge the system, well this is hard to do, France has its own version as well as many other countries, there is an international standard. I think as more as a rubber stamp, us brits go by the letter of this, the issue being where do people with Asperger’s stand, because in the international standard we exist and don’t. Think about this more of a rubber stamp running out of ink and we just been biroed in. As a well that will do.  The other issue in here Me an autistic person who has been diagnosed for a few years now and has done research on and around the topic has not come across this. Until a blog is named that, so I research them, as per I do on everything, and I find literal thousands of things about this simple two words. A neurotypical who doesn’t specialised in autism or special needs some how know about it before I do and starts telling me about it. How does that work, did just miss a memo that was printed in the sky or branded into us after we get diagnosed? Just how does that happen?  After I did find out about I was hoping for a little light to flash up and go ‘level 2’. Another point to this is that this neurotypical if they knew about the hashtag. what stopped them form using that hashtag? no one is going to question them if they are actually autistic, it says so on the screen and most of us are very literal, so in this instant the computer says yes.

Now for the first point. If everyone is actually autistic, why the hashtag around? I mean you could just use the full term, like low Functioning autism.  Or # LFA, which wouldn’t work as to me that just say lying flat audience and well it is a podcast or blog, so you could be. I think its also stands for Love from Australia, or anywhere with an a.  If you go for #LFAutistic, it could be seen as a something rude, you can figure that out yourself. Even when you have mild autism, it seems a little weird to say #MAutistic. It sounds more like a meal mmmm…Autistic I will have that with chips and maybe a side. And well #Aspergers is one already. So #ActuallyAspergic sounds like a bad reaction and #ActuallyAsperger’s sound more like the start of one of our traits of trying to help out but going the long way around. Umm, Actually Asperger’s is part of the spectrum…. Etc etc.  Can see where I am going with this?

So, what happens if it is found out that everyone one has a version of autism.  Will it this hashtag die? Will it change to Actually Everyone?  The issue I have is that if neurotypicals know about this then will they think critically or will they take things for face value and well looking at Marvin, he is worth about £10.  If you want to put out that you are autistic there are other ways like a autism band or jewellery. If you blog or podcast then make it part of your content. There are more creative ways of saying that someone is autistic then a hashtag. As then then all it becomes it something people use whilst on social media. Think about it this way would you have it tattooed on someone highly visible and accept the consequences otherwise, help make people autism aware so they can be actually autistic with pride.

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