What Autism Podcast is Best for You [Transcript]

What Autism Podcast is best for you Podcast.

So I gone around some of the most popular podcast from Spotify, google podcast and Apple podcast. This has been interesting and my processing is not going to like me, but I can deal with it I’m a big gecko. They range from SEN assistants to parents to people like me, that have autism and we even have a charity in this as well. They are all from the UK or USA. These are all for people with autism or the run of the mill neurotypical.  I have done a score out of 10 to say if they are good, harmful or give misinformation.

Right firstly my disclosure is that I’m not trying to be mean I just want people to not get caught in a Venus flytrap that Is the Austin community help and information.

On this list on no particular order, well there is my listening order. So in not particular scoring order.

We have All Autism Talk, this is by the learn behavioural network, they produce weekly  and they are from the USA. They bring lots of professional guests from the world around autism. They were okay, I guess. They spoke very fast, so if you can’t process quickly I would say give this one a miss. I left after 2 and half minutes. It was just to much. Overall if you can stand the speed I would give this a 4/10 as they sound knowledgeable but they do have verbal diarrhoea quite badly.

Next we have The Autism Podcast. This is made by the London Autism Group charity. They release if and when by the looks of things. They are from England. They sounded good and everything is spaced for processing. Very easy to listen to and I could have listen all day to them. So overall I would say I give them a 6/10

Now we have a really special one next, the only national scale charity on my list. This is because is was nosing around the website and just found it like a cat gives you a surprise present of a dead mouse. If you can’t tell by my way of sliding around the name this is The National Autistic Society podcasters. You can only find it on their website and well there is only two. You have to download them and you can’t listen on the webpage. It’s really patronising, it spoon feeds you. It almost clinical. It’s like someone is talking about a similar to a death sentence. They have background noise which is loud and they mention Aspergers. This is odd for two reasons 1) is because it’s the only time Aspergers is mentioned 2)they are trying to phase out the use of Asperger’s, so I really what a date for these, but also want to know why they didn’t edit this to fit there message. I know it’s from a trusted charity and I already don’t like them too much, but I have to rate this this as 1/10 or DO NOT USE.  I lasted 55 secs before coming this coming to this conclusion. Which is not good for an 1hour plus long podcast.

We have a quirky one next this is called 1800 seconds on Autism.

This was okay. It’s produced by the BBC, so it’s safe. You can listen to it if you have BBC login on the bbc sounds app, Spotify and Apple podcast. So you still need an account or an Apple product to listen which I would call a mark down. It is hosted by people with autism, I think it is intended to be listen by autistics, but for me I found it boring. I don’t like listening about about other people life’s, if I do listen I want to be able to interact and you can feel a wall or something containing it. As it is from the BBC it is British. My main criticism is that they use autism jargon and don’t explain it sorry neurotypical, if your not use to autistic words, or even new auties who haven’t got use to the words we throw around every day.  So I’ve rated this a 5/10.

Now I have one which I got the most annoyed with  and it is the shortest i listened to on the first go around. This was The Autism Helper. I stopped this after 4 seconds, yes that right 4 seconds. But I tried again and lasted enough to understand what they do. So they are a behavioural analyst/ therapist. They also make money from ‘helping’. They are America and make about 3 episodes a month. They use some bad jargon, which ruin this case means American jargon. So if you are English, make sure you know how to translate back or else make things worse. As this is a business they have a sponsor. So very openly they are making money by possibly giving bad advice. Now I can’t say that they are giving that, but seeing that us brits have different worse for somethings it may be easier to say that if you are from the UK be careful and I give this a rating of 3/10.

Now I have one which I saw a lot of lot of when I started, so I naturally tried it and well was a little disappointed. This is called Josh has Autism. It’s from the US they release weekly episodes. I honestly didn’t last long. I started wondering slightly. It is hosted by a person with autism called josh and their mother. I just got confused on what it meant to be about, it sounds like two people just talking. There is usually a reason for starting a podcast and for this I just couldn’t see it. So for this I’m giving this a 3/10.

The Aspie world, is a Youtuber and apparently also a podcaster. Anyway, I still reviewing him like any other on this list. What do you expect it’s professional, it’s informative and it sounds natural. It can be used as background noise, it does sound more like an audio version of his YouTube content. The content is short compared the others. You can differently tell he talks about autism for his living. So it’s hard but I’m giving it a 7/10.

The next I have is the last of the SENs, that is a Special educational Needs, if people aren’t too sure about what it means.  They are the Autism spectrum teacher podcast. They are British they really understand what audience they have and they talk with little to no jargon. They do understand autism for the most part, without being autistic. It may not seem much but they sounded calming but enthusiastic whilst talking about autism. There isn’t much I can’t complain about. So I am giving this a 8/10.

Now come the parent podcasts. The first is  one called Autism and us. This is a bunch of shared stories. They release every so often. They are British, the trouble is that it’s hard to listen to, I think even some parents may dose of and there target audience is parents of autistic children, you I don’t know want to make them sound happy or something you could engage with. It could just be me. So I have given this a 3/10

The rest from here are now American, so be prepared.

The next is one which I think is the most peculiar. This is called Autastic.

They are American, it sounds ok. For comedian they weren’t funny. Not it wasn’t American humour. They just didn’t tell jokes. They told stories, which had some funny parts, that weren’t funny. It was hard to listen to and it was hard to process. It is made by two neurotypicals one has a child with autism and the other has a sibling with autism. It why I’ve given it a 2/10

These are an usually named podcast. They are called Normal with Autism.

It was again American, it was just okay you can listen to it but  it is made by parents for parents.

It does sound normal and they release a episode fortnightly.  On this one there isn’t much I can say other than I’m giving this a 5/10.

Now one from a dad, it is also the last one from a parent. This is called The Autism Dad Podcast.

Again American they release a episodes weekly again like the last on it is made by parents for parents and well it’s fine. There never a worse word to describe some but it is just fine. So this gets a 4/10

So my last one is an independent like me and he also wants autistics to have a voice. I’m guessing that why they have called it Autism with a voice. They are American. The issue is that they are a little slow in what they are saying especially when you compare it to The Aspie World. So not that helpful.  They release an episode if and when they can. It is for everyone and it’s by someone autistic. The episodes are short. Also the episodes made could be made longer or make a whole season on one topic. I am looking forward to see what come from them, but for now it’s a 4/10.

So that is it if you did like the sound of any of them or want to listen and then complain, then I will leave the links to everyone down below.  It was so odd seeing my podcast in the recommended section of autism with these in two of the three places I found these. I mean I can’t believe that mine is definitely more colourful then most, but I still have a while to go.

Anyway before I brag way to much with my limited audience. I will see you in the next episode.

Published by The Autistic Gecko

I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

5 thoughts on “What Autism Podcast is Best for You [Transcript]

  1. Below are more autism-related podcasts you may be interested in. I haven’t screened them, just collected the links.
    https://www.autastic.com/asd-friendly-podcasts/ (including comment section)
    Thoughty Auti: https://open.spotify.com/show/6vjXgCB7Q3FwtQ2YqPjnEV
    The Alicia Trautwein Show: https://anchor.fm/alicia-trautwein

    The “213 Things About Me” podcast is by award-winning Autistic Richard Butchins about an Autistic woman:



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