United We Stand Transcript

So lockdown has been hard for everyone. I know this is a Autism podcast channel, but it is also about meant to be about mental health as well other things and well… peoples mental health has got worse no matter how you are isolating, may it be with friends, family or by yourself. There is an issue here, with all of this isolating how can we look after our families, our friends or even ourselves? 

So i have seen people talk about different ways of talking to one another like video chatting, phones calls, social media or emails (which is a little odd). Although these are good, it does depend on what you are saying with in these. 

So if you are just talking normally it can sound natural and normal, but yet it is not quite there-yet. Think about it in this way. If you talk normally then you can forget that people feel things differently especially in these times. So we need to just keep checking with people, because without us looking out for each other what do we have? 

We need to continue to look after and value each other. We can’t keep attacking each other through things like Twitter, as this can make us feel very negative things. I know this won’t happen I’m not looking through rose-tinted glasses, that much. I do understand that there are people who just want to make people feel bad for their own pleasure. There are also people with some power who just don’t understand that the way they lead is being recorded through different medias, which when pushed or challenged they can handle more like how Mount Vesuvius handled Pompeii or a three year old with no sweets. 

The world more than ever needs to know and understand how mental health issues are affecting more and more people, it could be even more then this virus as most people are working from home, having very little human contact and more then ever the vulnerable and the elderly are left to fend themselves from loneness. How can a ‘interconnected world’ be doing so much wrong for people who are lonely when there is more mobile devices or phones then there have every been. When all it could take is a hand written letter to ask how has your week has been, of course the letter and yourself have been cleaned and have no traces of the virus on the letter, but that is a small add on for these times. Imagine how that could make someone feel… Imagine how that could make you feel…

Imagine, if there is a world that wasn’t just an oxymoron, but actually talked. Forget people who are shouting at the ‘seemingly important’ people who make the world wide decisions, I a Autistic Gecko implore anyone who is listening to just talk to someone and not just a hello but an actual conversation, with feelings and emotions and weird context which only you know. Thats how a world becomes connected, not just connected but empowered and united.   

Published by The Autistic Gecko

I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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