Well I could say that I was caught off guard by everything in my life happening at once, but let’s be honest. I just can’t think of anything worth blogging about just yet. Partly because I have episodes that I don’t want to spoil just yet. So what’s my grand idea, well it’s an idea so great only someone with autism, someone who’s at the higher end of the spectrum could think of.

Yes it’s time for me to explain one of the biggest questions.

Why do you call yourself the Autistic Gecko. And why is your channel called Autism, Life & Learning.

Firstly two questions may be hard to answer together mainly neither answer would make sense if they were said together 😉 , please say someone got the joke.

Anyway first questions. I call my self The Autistic Gecko, mainly because why not? I mean no is going to forget someone called Gecko, but they may forget someone call Timmy, Tommy or Abigail. Gecko was also my nickname, given to me by some “friends” who then tried to use it to make me look bad. So, I reclaimed it, like most things in the autism word, someone different uses a common word or expression then it is taken from us never to be seen unless you are very tall and have good eyesight. So, that explains the Gecko, but what about the Autistic part? Well… I hope that bit is obvious. Because um…. I do a Autism based blog and podcast… so I’m not going too much time on that part. If it helps, I; yes this Gecko talking to you right now via a screen, has Autism, if you want me to be specific I have Asperger’s syndrome. I also have spasms and tics from where I am on a spectrum, so it gets interesting at Accident and Emergency. ‘Hello, Nurse I’m back again… yes I may have broken a rib from me constantly hitting myself… yes same with the black eye’. Anyway I’m going away from this is about.

So then why do I call my channel Autism, Life & Learning. Well the first bit is obvious, I talk about everything and anything about autism. The life but is harder to explain, I want people, mainly neurotypicals to experience a life as an autistic. From all the bad out there, like being more likely to be picked on by the police or people throwing stones at you because you are different, believe me that one does hurt. All the way to the good like people with autism being protected by laws, the groups started and run by autistics for both neurotypical and autistic alike. Just for the sake of being more balanced the bit in between, that spot is reserved for the only and only NAS, National Autistic Society. See to me they can be helpful, but not in the way you expect. I have as for help and they have pretty much said “ sorry chief, I got nothin’ ”.  But they have a open structure which they freely admit it is run by neurotypicals, so in that aspects it’s ironic comedy, as it’s charity for autistics run by neurotypicals. Other times, if you have them on YouTube, you will see their group- which I’m sure has very little view of how Auties are treated outside in the real world, where you just have to put up with what comes your way, even when people try to understand by comparing you to Rainman.  For me that part is my reflection of how not to be, it my measure to try an stay an inclusive as I can. I know my humour can be off, like scar driving over a cliff. Then finally we have what they say rather then what they do. This to me, and I’m guessing to anyone who has listen to my podcasts, I use as ammunition to create some work/episodes that balances opinions as this shows how one side SOME autistics are, I what to show how we aren’t all alike how some of us don’t want to be pigeonholed or have the same views as people we like. Some of us just want are opinions to matter no matter who or what we are. It’s a bit off topic- what’s new there; this is why I am usually against NAS and actually most big charities they cater to the masses who they know they can control. I sit on the other side looking at the people who are voiceless, or have very little voices and them amp them up to 11 and hope to drown NAS out ever so slightly. So why then learning, well at the moment I am a university student and I thought I would keep a log of different things I was learning and how that changes how I see things, I’m in my second year and so  far I haven’t learnt much, and this isn’t even my specialty, so I decided to speak how teaching someone with autism means TLC then results. Now I have figured out that it can be a double Neurotypicals can learn about autism whilst figure out where is Gecko is heading.

So that’s one long explanation now please, read more of my blogs and listen to my podcast, just click the home screen, learn more and be autism aware.

Published by The Autistic Gecko

I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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