Is Music together or having a meltdown?

There is something I would consider quite worrying, something that I see that could receive very high praise or sink us all with it. Something that may hurt the entire community.

This is not what is happening globally, but a new film. A film that features autism. This is odd, weird even, as it has someone who is female with autism and this is brilliant.!

I’m so excited but we have to be careful. There is no trailer, we have one song from it and it’s from some one who we all know from the music industry -Sia.

So there is not much to go on it either coming out on 22nd  August or sometime in September. It is called Music.  The story and the directing is by Sia. The girl with autism is going to be played by Maddie Ziegler. Music is being looked after by her drug dealing sister, played by Kate Hudson, called Zu.

Now I know from all my research that I am late for this, like seriously late.

The trouble I have is that in the UK this hasn’t been promoted and NAS, The National Autism Society, have not talked about it. Now, from here I am going to start speculating as some news sites are not saying much and some are countering something ps that have been said, so I’m going from IMDb as it a trusted source ish… It says here that the themes are going to be finding your voice and creating family.

 So I’m going to do some questions first about this, because this is just odd.

Is Music a key character is it more like Rain Man? where he’s more of an added perspective.

Is it coming out in the UK, if so can we have a rough date please

How haven’t autism site not pick this up?

Where did Maddie get some perspective about autism?

One last question. Do they know what elite club they are stepping into?

So To my research that wasn’t much I could only find two movies that stared an person with autism as a main character. There are also two tv shows that have the whole point of the show is about a character with autism. All of these films have ever only shown people with autism who are male, so why now a person with autism who is female?

 Now I like the idea of this, but it is on some dodgy ground. It has no trailer, so how are people going to know about it. Also, from of the set photos, music could be on the lower to mild side of the spectrum, Maddie is a neurotypical so how are they going to act out that without being harmful. If was me I would of chose higher functioning autism to start with because it is less away from the stereotype and also in my opinion a bit easier to act out. I say that because normally if someone is very low on the spectrum or want someone with that disability or learning disorder then they find someone, who has it unless they need a consistency that that actor has.

Although I am relived somewhat as Sia released a music video, called Together. That fell during pride season, but the issue is the rainbow theme is an autism sign as well, that’s why some people in the autism community say that they are double rainbows if they autistic and part of the LGBT community. It is colourful and there is a lot of movement and facial changes. This seems fine- yes even the facial changes Maddie uses. As I do the same thing. The trouble is that is either a non-verbal trait or usually a higher functioning trait. Although it can just depend where you land on the spectrum. The issue I have is that you can tell very clearly that Maddie is dancing and not acting autistic. Now if is a music video that just coincides with the movie or just a bit of advertisement it is fine, but I would also see this as a trailer as well as there are no trailers. So you are just left with something that doesn’t have an autism vibe, it feels happy – which is a change of pace. You have a neurotypical acting autistic, which would normally be called bullying and you have a song about being together, but we don’t know from who’s perspective, if it is from Music, then I will be impressed.

So where is this going? I reckon, we could see Zu become a better person through Music but think there is going to be some trust issues as well. This would make it harder especially if Zu has to listen to Social Services breaking the small family apart for a while, sorry I don’t know what they are called in the US, but this could be a big stepping stone and would mean that an Autistic character would have a normal storyline for possibly the first time ever, especially if Music is a main character and has most of the screen time.

So what do you think leave your guesses in the comment of my blog, or if you are reading this on my blog, just leave a comment what you think is going to happen?

Anyway I will see you in the next episode.


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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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