My Mental Health Intro Transcript

Sorry I got carried away with making scripts I forgot to publish this one. They are still meant to be weekly- if I rember


So I want to speak about mental health.  Not just from this lockdown but the way things are changing. Here in the UK the amount of people we can see has changed, the way we see a lot of our work colleagues, friends or family members has gone from real life to a virtual one. Where if someone drops out it’s because the WiFi is a little dodgy.

People are consuming more blue light then ever, with things like tv screens, tablets, phones and the sun.  I know I am meant to be talking about mental health and I will, I will. Just before I shout down this microphone about how people are feeling and how we need to act we first need to know that these are hurting us. Hurting us, how is this blue light and lockdown hurting us? No, it isn’t going to kick you in the shins. All of these helps one thing that will affect 1 in 20 of us, that’s at least 10,000 of us in the UK alone. This is Loneliness. Where you aren’t really talking to someone because they are in a screen or a noise through a phone or tablet.

In 2018, 10% of young people aged 16 to 24 said that they feel lonely often or always. Slightly more of these are female, but it isn’t all just under half of that 10% are men. Men can be lonely, depressed anxious and can have feelings. I know this isn’t spoken much… if really at all. During this lock down loneliness is going higher that it has ever really has been. Because people are just talking, or they are wanting the things they want done now. So for anyone listening, when you are talking to someone ask how they are and then ask again how they are. Just to check, just to be a friend.

So as we are slightly on the topic, male mental health. Firstly it is real, it is around us, 1 in 8 men will have a mental health issue of some kind. So the idea of ‘man up’ should be forgotten or push far away into history. We need to understand people have feelings which they can keep bottled up, when the bottle explodes then that’s when we can see if they have depression, anxiety, PTSD, body dysmorphia or something else entirely. All because they see it as a hinderance or something that they should be ashamed of… well it isn’t. It needs to be out there that people have mental health, especially men- but also, it’s needs to be reminded that people’s mental health doesn’t just go away it is with them. Therapy and medication can help, but being there for someone can mean more than any of this.

Now I know I am doting around, with different things. So alas I will say what I am doing. This is my intro to everything mental health. This is showing that all mental health links into one another and the worse thing we can do is be quiet. As that only makes things worse. We need to shoutout that we need help, as until we talk just the person you see in the mirror is all that is going to help you. So you can only help you- until you let someone help. All these topics and more I will be talking about; this will include things such as anxiety, body image, depression and that blue light which you have just learnt about. Of course there is going to be an autism spin on these. It’s in the title,  but I want people to live a life not filled in fake news and stigma and learn something new, something incredible.

If you want to listen to the podcast here is the link-

Thank you for reading


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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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