A New Friend Found

Yesterday I got a parcel. Don’t worry I ordered it but to me it’s one of the most important I got so far. So it contained. A pop filter, a little mic stand and a microphone.

The stand was just something so I can talk to people whilst I’m doing video chats and I don’t have to worry that a boom arm is going to fall on me or my laptop because that’s just going to end up with me hugging my microphone that I’m using and my laptop like someone hugging a puppy.

My microphone isn’t much but it’s better than my stand cheap dynamic microphone bought when I started podcasting. The issue I have is that I didn’t want a known brand, like Shure because it just feels like I’m following a crowd, but because you can only really buy microphone online so, I went to brand that I known from me doing drumming. Yes I played the drums, I was okay I gave up before doing going to far. Although I did remember a brand that a lot of bands use to mic their drums up to, that was Audix. Whatever you do make sure you pack a defibrillator before you look at the site. It is expensive then you look right down the bottom there is a little cheap microphone.  To me it is good, it gives a natural sound. I am going to say I was going to go to Electro-Voice, the difference was I knew Audix. So anyway. I now have a Audix f50. I won’t bore you with the details.

The last thing I got was a pop filter, but not just any pop filter. It’s a pop filter with a face of a monkey.

Just look at it. Okay, he does look a bit better in person.

Welcome Marvin the Monkey

So I have decided to name it Marvin

So now I’m not alone whilst I’m recording I now have Marvin. Yay!

Also I have finished my back log. As this gets published I would of uploaded a Talking point. So the first one you will here it will be around sometime next month. I’m guessing either a FAQ or something to do with mental health.

Knowing my luck I will actually talk about something else so you will have random uploads between my back log.

Anyway I have talked way to much about a parcel, but it was a parcel with a cute monkey.

I will be publishing different things shortly.

See you in the next post


Published by The Autistic Gecko

I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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