You Give ASD A Bad Name

Again, NAS (National Autistic Society) caught my attention. Too long has this been happening but this time I can’t quite let go of this. I think this rock is where this Gecko is staying. I can’t believe what they are doing.

So I went on their site, to put them down as a resource for autism for another project I am helping with and what did I find on their homepage.

This, is from the storyline in EastEnders. NAS has been helping the EastEnders team with their storyline; with that, there is no problem apart from, everywhere has been mentioning it whether you like this plot or not (I am in the not camp if you can’t tell). Again, I wouldn’t mind this apart from NAS have simply exploited this soap through its popularity. As this is everywhere… I mean everywhere.

On Google

ven spread across their whole site.

It doesn’t help when EastEnders is portraying autism as some sort of death sentence, but I will continue this with my post specifically about this plot.
Also if you go into one of the sections you will find NAS are giving place accreditation. Right there are a few problems with this:

1) Not everyone’s autism is the same.
2) They don’t advertise this, so you have to wonder why (or I do?)
3) Most places accredited only deal with autism
4) If someone autistic finds this out they may only use accredited places for help, education, etc.

This last one is where I am not that happy with. NAS know about this and yet they don’t advertise it or don’t understand that neurotypicals and autistics have to mingle somewhere- usually on streets or in towns. So when they are trying to build a society what can account for most autistics they do such a neurotypical mistake, they forget that a lot of us are literal so when they make stuff like this some may run around like a headless chicken trying to find accredited paces near them. To me, the nearest one is around 100 miles away and that is a NAS building. So at least they have accredited their own buildings. Although I know there is an autism school around 15 miles away and that isn’t… I would want to know why when the Ofsted score was ‘Good’ so what happened here NAS?

So NAS helps by giving accreditation, gives awards, gives out conferences, doesn’t do much education and helps to change laws amongst other things. You would forget it is a charity. Yep, a charity which does all this… there must be some sort of catch? Well… there is in a way. This is a charity that provides for its own society so like the Apple Ecosystem. If you don’t know about this or are a little confused let me explain it briefly. If you buy an iPhone you want to buy an Apple watch and then an iPad and so on until all you use are Apple products. So everything works seamlessly. So in the case of NAS, they are trying to build an ecosystem for autistics. Although it does look like they have trimmed some of the fat (so those people who they thought might damage their ecosystem). This includes non-verbal autism, atypical autism (yes this one is real) and anything else that doesn’t fit on to there easy to define spectrum. So it now a charity that runs for most autistics, not the ones who need it the most, not the hardest to get mainstreamed or to get educated. Just the ones who are easy to maintain and can become sheepeople. To most autistics, NAS seems like a charity which contains order and everything they would need, unless you are someone that needs more help or needs something else more then what NAS are willing to give out. It is almost like NAS are trying to segregate autism groups from each other. This isn’t what a charity should be aiming for. It should to the betterment of everyone, not just those who can be helped easily or that are the majority. NAS could be a part of helping children to speak, getting people jobs it could have been so much but they have decided to go into an ecosystem that is in hiding unless something goes there way.

Just imagine you are part of one of the families who NAS doesn’t want to represent. You can understand why other places like the LGBTQ+ community take them if they are LGBTQ+ because they feel wanted. When I know there is a NAS place not 25 miles away, this one isn’t accredited by their own award which is slightly funny. Also, you don’t see NAS at many events I don’t think I have ever seen them. The only time I have seen people donate to them is to do the London Marathon. So this charity doesn’t help either in a certain area or just don’t help in their local communities; the reason I say local communities is because NAS has made one- a virtual one. So that goes against some people how can barely afford internet.

So I want to ask this question to everyone. After all, this what do you think of NAS do you think they are doing enough or could they do better? Please answer in the comments below.

[Orginially Published on 26/6/2019]

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