We Need More Geckos On TV

Here is my second blog of the day. This time I want to talks about something that is making me tick, just ever so slightly. I’m sure most people have seen that in a programme called I’m a celebrity get m out of here there is someone with autism in there. YAY! To be more precise she is another Aspie like me. As you should know I mainly argue things on here. So you can guess what I have been making me tick.

For once it isn’t putting someone with Asperger’s in a ‘dangerous environment’. It more I haven’t really seen someone with “severe autism” or “harmful autistic traits” in any show or really in entertainment at all. I should mention I am including people who have Tourette’s, OCD or as I said- “severe autism” or “harmful autistic traits”. Not that I would like to see them in harm’s way, take I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here I would most likely want to hug or pet one of the many crocodiles they have or see if something will do me harm. That partly because I’m silly but also that’s how I learn through impulse and curiosity. It only really got to me when I realised that when some of my traits such as scratching or ticking (physical or verbal) which means most people wouldn’t anyone like me. To make clearer for non-autistics, most days then not, I wake up with bruises, cuts/scratches or quite rarely the odd broken something (usually rib or nail- both hurt). The only person I have seen on the Tv is someone with Tourette’s doing some voice over work for around a week, I think? I don’t really see people like me. So when someone comes into the limelight I have a little checklist which I use on people when they mention they have Autism or have something like OCD or Tourette’s. Before anyone says I know there are people who have autism and some may have these traits. To this I say, but we don’t see this; don’t see the bruises. The make-up artist or someone will cover them. I don’t cover mine, partly I would use the same amount of makeup as a teenage girl but also I don’t care what it looks like has happened. Most of it is on my chest or on my hands which are covered by gloves unless I had to take them off for some reason. I would like to see a ‘realistic celebrity’ who doesn’t need to be covered with make-up just to cover things that happen with disorders like Autism, OCD or Tourette’s.

If you look at some of these articles they aren’t helpful to people with autism. There are three things you can be guaranteed of: 1) the introduction of the person, then the shock revelation that they have ASD. 2) explaining ASD in the most basic way possible. 3) the age that they got diagnosed. That one I haven’t understood. If you don’t believe me here are some articles for you to have a look at. 

Articles: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-46272608

These are good articles but they think that autism can be described in a paragraph or less. The idea that the age that they get diagnosed in the article seems like that the age that the label listing them as neurotypical to autistic is just bad. 

I find it so weird that a person can be any gender/sexuality or none, can be fat or thin or can be abled or disabled. The one thing you can’t be is a person with a disorder. All because it either doesn’t fit in with peoples health and safety plans or because someone having bruises means something is wrong with you. I’m not lying when I say I have gone into shops and ticked and the people around me have disappeared. Anyway, before I get too off track. Just think when the papers or any type of media keep talking about someone having something like Autism, OCD or Tourette’s and before talking how good it is to have someone like this in this show or doing this or that. Just think how much some parts of these communities get the spotlight or how little they actually talk about things about the person.

I will link somewhere about the person with Tourette’s because she also does some things for people with Tourette’s. 

The person’s name is Jess Thom, she is a British Comedian, she also does a blog. Which I will link here- https://www.touretteshero.com/category/blog/ and here is her website just in case anyone is curious, https://www.touretteshero.com/

Thank you for reading this, I know there is a lot to read and some really odd ideas. If you like this please subscribe, like and share it with other people and give them more wacky ideas like mine.

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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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