Names and Languages

Let’s do this one out of the gate, as you are more than likely going to hear this the whole way through. I HATE SPEAKING ENGLISH! My first language was BSL, British Sign Language, so coming from a non-verbal form of communication to English is like doggy paddling to swimming the English Channel😨. BSL has very little grammar and well… English is full of it😱. You have words that are easy to say like to, but this comes at the cost of what meaning does it mean. I know that in different places of the UK have accents and with this comes lots of different words that have different or new meanings. Did you know that BSL also has accents, it’s the same words just signed differently. To this makes more sense. Also I normally don’t call people by their names and almost never will whilst processing because if I had talked to 5 Alice’s and 10 Bens and processed them all the same then I would lose which Alice and Ben I talked to about what🙄, so if I call them all by different names, no I don’t mean like calling them Ali, Alice, Alison etc. I am talking about calling them cat, twizzy, deck etc. Because that is more normal.  I assign names that fit them or their personality, so they can’t be confused with someone, this can mean it takes a while to not confuse the person’s name with what I call them.  Also let’s get something else sorted, when you do an English speaking exam, remember BSL doesn’t count.😕🙃

Even if you speak BSL fluently it doesn’t work. I mean I can’t understand why. You are speaking English. Anyway, I don’t like speaking English. (As that doesn’t make me sound like a 6 year old)
Names is another thing I have eluded to. Names are okay but if you have a bad name you get picked on. If you have a good name no one cares. Also, people are giving their children really odd names, like peaches. In my mind, if you are called that I’m not giving a nickname I am just going to brand you like fruit. Imagine talking to a fruit bowl🍎🍌🍇🍊🍐. That would be odd. Saying that I nicknamed someone as Io, (that’s capital i), and that’s a moon🌝. So… talking to a fruit bowl could get quite normal then…maybe in the future.  Names I know can be anything, but there is a limit.

I know I have said I  hate English, but this is why I use my own form of this. I may have talked about it before. It is based on a basic form of binary, this means I process the noises through clicks and chirps (imagine R2-D2). As each word has a different sound to it. I will use this to make the words sound like they are, this also allows me to talk and communicate quicker. I usually speak English, but only when I am not on a slow day or outside the house.
So languages are hard to learn, well English is.  At least I know everything I now do in English is wright😉🙃. 

Thank you for reading this. I know I haven’t done an atypical review, that is down to me doing assignment things. They will be coming don’t worry. Hopefully, the next one on the list to be done, it should be making changes. Let’s hope I remember.

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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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