Girls and Autsim

So the topic is Girls with Autism.

So firstly yes girls/women♀ can be on the spectrum. Although it is ‘uncommon’ the ratio is around 3 to-1. They will usually get tested around the teenage years so between 12-18 years old, rather then the 4-6 years old someone on the male side would normally gets tested… so what gives for this difference? This is interesting (well to someone how studies human behaviours). The majority of human interactions is done non-verbally, so by body language through eyes, hands or through facial expressions. Interactions like parallel play when you are a young child slowly introduces you to these skills as well as understanding the idea of friendships and how to hold on to friends. Then as you grow these skill expand and adapt from different skills you learn when you go through adolescence as these skills change for them to be mature and refined to have more selected ideas and more flexible friendships. One of the most common issues with males on the spectrum is that they struggle with parallel play then they don’t understand why someone plays different to them or wants to play with them. Females on the spectrum can do all this until roughly around the point of change around adolescent. This also isn’t helped by the non-verbal language changes; so things like emotional vocabulary becoming non-verbal as well as verbal, as you say something and don’t for others. These changes then make reactions that is just a lot autistic, then they get tested… and surprise- they are normal🙃. I should say now this will usually be people between mild- Asperger’s. Usually on the lower functioning side of things should be spotted before 15 for either gender.

The ‘special skills’ that most autistic have also change. Things like learning languages🇬🇧🇪🇸🇫🇷 or precise grammar are common also things like skills in the humanities are another skill that is more common in females then males, other then history. Things like geography 🌍 and religion.

Right then this is it for this one😔, I will continue this on Sunday🙃. I know this is a different thing way of talking about things; I hope you have enjoyed it. Here is a question for you: Before reading of this how much did you know about female autism? Please comment below or subscribe to keep up to date on Gecko post. I should say no live geckos are traveling through Royal mail- It’s FedEx😉. Also please remember to share if you found it interesting.

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I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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