EastEnders Finally got their Diagnosis

So after months of waiting it is finally here. I said I would keep up with this.  In EastEnders Ollie finally had his ASD assessment and well I will say what happened first, then I will give my opinion.  [Orginally posted on 12/11/2019 on my old blog]

So it firstly shows Mick asking some questions to the psychologist. Nick asks lots of questions but the only one from an A4 piece of paper is: do people with autism tend to be more excited about the things they like? The psychologist agreed then the scene got cut.

 We see Linda, Ollie’s mum, talks to another mum. The other mum says the autism is common in siblings, but no one knows why? Then the other mum mentions that the other half, the husband, couldn’t handle the diagnosis of one of their children having autism. They also did a throwaway line saying that autism can be in girls.

It then goes to Mick who isn’t handling things well, a borderline panic attack, the psychologist asks if he is okay. Mick hides it. The psychologist says the assessment is going to be around 1 hour.

Both Carter’s are talking & they are openly anxious whilst talking about other things to distract them and pass time. Then the Psychologist then calls the Carter’s up about the results. 

Then it comes back to the assessment, after a lengthy time away. The psychologist says that the results will be sent to them soon. Then the Psychologist gave them an overview. They say Ollie has a high attention span, high accuracy when playing with things and is very self aware and vocal. Then the psychologist say that with all of this, the school observation and what Mick and Linda have said to them. They came to the conclusion that Ollie has ASD, “he has a mild form”. In real English. Ollie has Mild Autism or Mild ASD. Mick asks the psychologist has Ollie definitely got Autism. The psychologist says yes. 

So this is my reaction. WHAT THE HELL WAS THE BBC THINKING. The whole plot they was building to turned to a subplot, against a scandal in another family. Then with Micks questions for a whole A4 piece of paper disappeared because it wasn’t needed. Why? Then they do the cardinal sin- they don’t show Ollie being assessed. Ollie is just gone, like he has been kidnapped. If the storyline is Autism, show us both sides- the parents and the child’s, the good and the bad. Sorry high attention, being really accurate and being self aware. All Ollie needed was to have a higher vocabulary then for his age and Ollie would have Asperger’s so shouldn’t he be nearer the High-Functioning side of things? So this was so watered down it wasn’t that close to being assessed my assessment was over three days for three hours at a time. So Ollie having an hour assessment isn’t right. Also the psychologist never names Ollie when speaking to Mick or Linda, that what Psychologist do to calm down the parents but also so the parents can process what is going on around them. The psychologist did this with me and with others. I don’t know who did what if NAS or the BBC screwed up things but. It was like watching a water drip only to disappear halfway down a window. Literally what I have said here was how it went in that order with that much detail. That was it i mean I would of liked more context, well… anything. If any parent about to go through the process of their first autism assessment then that would be an F grade from me. I would like to think that everyone just guessed what they were doing rather then actual ‘professionals in autism’ helped. If they did why did they have only that much screen time. It must have been around 7-ish minutes from a 30 minute show. Why didn’t they do a double feature or a longer episode, like they have done in the past for other things. I hope it isn’t because the BBC doesn’t have respect for ASD or the families that have to deal with all the states, ridicule and bullying because their child has autism. I have nothing good to say other then yay, they have to show some things with Ollie being Autistic; but that is a low bar. 

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