Can You Understand If There Is No sound?

I am going to talk about Non-Verbal Autism…

So this is an odd area in the spectrum as, this could be actually one of the only ones that has some physical signs. This being the lack of having or using vocal chord(s) or muscles around the voice box. This is a really crude way of explaining this as it a bit more complicated and there other variables etc. anyway I digress. So it is a bit obvious that this is a person who can’t speak who also has autism. Please don’t think the autism caused their lack of speaking. This is simply not true.

So where on the spectrum do they land?

Well to be honest, anywhere. To be a bit longer, someone with Non-Verbal Autism just means that they have autism and they may not be able to speak. So although it is ‘rare’ you could find someone with Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism who is Non-Verbal. Yes, it is more ‘common’ to see them on the lower to mild end of the spectrum. People forget that it is just more common to diagnose people on that side of the spectrum and having Non-Verbal Autism is quite uncommon. So if you put 100 red stones in a bag with 50 black stones, 25 green stones and 10 purple stones. It is just more likely you are going to pick one of the 100 stones. That is just basic odds.

Can someone with Non-Verbal Autism learn to speak?

Again it is bit more complex that this but… it does depend on why they don’t talk. So most can’t at all this is because the muscles don’t work properly or that there is a muscle(s) that is missing. It also depends on if the person actually wants to talk.

So if they can’t talk how do they communicate?

Well this is interesting, well to me. Someone with Non-Verbal People will usually use not one but two of these.

– Makaton, a sign based language for people with learning difficulties

– Sign Language, a sign based language for people normally for people with hearing impairments. As not everywhere uses Makaton, this is used as a substitute in the place of that.

– Communication bracelets, these will have different basic pictures or words on them. This allows a limited amount of speech, but these have to be pointed at by the person using them and they aren’t that helpful all the time. There also can be a lot of them so the person may get confused about different the different bands until they get use to them.

– Spellboard, a spellboard is a board with letters and maybe some basic small words on it that allows people to talk about more complex things the only issue is that someone has spell each word and that means you hope they aren’t dyslexic so avoid any issues. This can also take an age to have a conversations.
So out of any of these the person may use at least two of these.

So why have I done one post just on Non-verbal Autism?

Non-Verbal Autism is, to me, so intresting. The idea of someones voice is taken by nature and yet we, as humans, want to give them one but in the same stroke we don’t want to hear them because there is something wrong. This just proves how neurotypicals can be so kind but hateful how they can care but don’t want to. It is also what first think of when you mention the word-Autism. This because it is such a good trope to use because it can make the lead to be a real hero by doing the less effort but also make the supporting cast do very little to outshine the lead actors/actresses. Although if you keep posting the same thing people either get bored or think your blinkered. Also as I am really passionate I would prefer to defend people without a voice rather then keep trying to explain why things are in a neurotypical way.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please comment below of what you thought or if you think I have missed any thing.

Published by The Autistic Gecko

I am a blogger and podcaster who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I talk about Autism, Mental Health issues and anything that I think deserve a voice.

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